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Girlfriend Christmas Card:

So, she isn’t quite your wife yet. But she means a lot to you, and you can see her saying vows standing in front of you in the future? We have a card for that. Whether she winds up being your wife or is fun in bed, a partner in crime for a time, we have a Christmas card for that special lady in your life. We have an assortment of traditional and not so traditional Christmas cards that will give you the words to tell her how you truly feel. 

Maybe you want to kiss her under the mistletoe, or perhaps you want to wildly love her on Christmas morning, we have a card that tells it like it is. Or maybe, you are looking for those extra brownie points that a sentimental card gives. We have those as well. Perhaps you need something hilarious in private and a traditional one to present to her in front of her ultra-uptight family? 

After all, her parents think she is with you because you are nice, but we all know it’s because of the bed play. She will know how much you mean to her with this year’s Christmas card, even if you have not put a ring on it yet.