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70th Birthday Cards

The golden era of life starts after 70 when you are retired, have set your financial affairs in order, and now just live the relaxing life you used to dream about while punching keys in the office from 9-5. The gist is, someone who is just turning 70 is living the dream of many. However, they might feel lonely and more emotional compared to others; it’s the age factor. So on this special milestone in their life, you need to be the one to show them that you care for them. Our 70th birthday cards will help you do that.

You can make sure they have a blast on their big day with our funny 70th birthday cards that will definitely crack anyone up. From hilarious jokes to heartfelt messages communicated in a fun way, you can find all kinds of cards depending on your relationship with the recipient. Plus, if you know they can take an offensive joke well, then we suggest that you check out our range of rude 70th birthday cards. Whether he/she is your friend or a family member, they won’t be able to control their laughter, we guarantee you!