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60th Birthday Cards

When you turn 60, you start getting more emotional, and you start thinking about the people in your life and who cares about you the most. This is the time when people need their close friends and family members to pamper them, do special things for them, and just show them that they are loved. So if someone in your family or social circle is turning 60, make some effort to make this day one of the best of their life. You can use our unique 60th birthday cards to show them that you care enough to get something meaningful and tangible.

We also have a wide range of funny 60th birthday cards if you want to have a great laugh with them. All the jokes and clever puns on our cards have been written after various brainstorming sessions, so rest assured, you will be giving them something truly unique. Plus, if they can take some offensive jokes, then you should check out our collection of rude 60th birthday cards as well. The hilarious punch lines will definitely crack them up. 

You can also have something custom written inside the card to make it more personal and special for the birthday boy/girl.