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Birthday Cards For Brother

Someone who will look after you, protect you and be there for you when everyone is against you is your brother. Boys protect their sisters and fight the battles of their brothers; this is built-in their system from nature. So if you’re lucky enough to have a brother in your life who loves and supports you, show your appreciation to him with our funny birthday cards for brother on his big day and laugh together.

Since brothers can take any kind of joke you throw at them, you can even get one of our rude birthday cards for brother and show your love in a hilarious way. Let him know that you’re happy that he’s a part of your life, and no matter how far or close you both are, there will always be a special place in your heart just for him, no one can take it. 

Whether you had a sibling rivalry going in childhood or you like to pull each other’s leg every chance you get, his birthday is a special day for him, do something he can remember for the rest of his life. Our funny and rude birthday cards will allow you to do just that!