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New Home Cards

Why not celebrate one of the biggest milestones of your friends’ life with something special? After hearing that a friend or family member has bought a new house, people usually throw in a typical ‘congrats’ and be done with it.

But why not show your genuine happiness for them with more than just congrats? Get our thoughtful and funny new home cards and have a bit of jesting while celebrating their new achievement.


Be a Part in the Happiness of Your Loved Ones:

Getting a new house is a big step, so it is natural for people to expect their loved ones to be happy for them, and by using our cards, you can do just that. Congratulating them on this achievement in a light and fun way will make this moment more memorable.

But a simple ‘congrats’ won’t suffice if you are close to them. These formalities are for people you hardly talk to. People who are a part of your life need more than that.

Using our laughable new home cards, you can create fun memories while also letting your friends know you are happy for them; it’s both thoughtful and unique.


Celebrate This Achievement With Our Funny New Home Cards:

We have a variety of fun and offensive new home cards for the people close to you. You can give them our top cards like “Congrats on the new home, remember to keep it clean you lazy f*cker” or the humorous and rude new home cards saying “Mortgage wanker.” 

Or, you can also give it a more personal touch by having something custom printed on it for just £0.75 extra. By personalising the card, you will show your friends that you care enough to put some thought into it.

You Said It Cards is also offering a discounted deal of 5-card bundle for just £9.99, and you can select any card you want. So if you have different occasions coming up in the next few months, getting this offer will provide you with the most value for your money. 


Couple Our Humorous New Home Cards With a Housewarming Gift:

We put our heart and mind into making these cards, from cleverly written tag lines to the premium quality of the card, everything is made with care to ensure you give something valuable to your loved ones. 

So you can combine our cards with your housewarming gifts and make your present stand out. This way, your gift will be the most memorable of all.

Know more about our cards, the ordering process, and refund policies at our FAQ page.