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Funny Anniversary Cards

Having an anniversary is like having a birthday with the added effort of having to buy your partner a gift. If you’re planning ahead and not leaving it till the last minute, rushing down to the your local petrol station to buy a card, then why not buy your loved one a really funny anniversary card this year. If you partner has a good sense of humour and you know you won’t get a pan thrown at you, why not choose a funny cunt anniversary card.

If it’s going to be your first anniversary soon, congratulations on making it this far, but why not make it special and say how you really feel. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect first anniversary card to make them laugh out loud, but if they don’t see the funny side we also have happy divorce cards!

So whether it’s a wedding anniversary card you’re looking for or you’re simply one for those couples who like celebrating each week together, we have plenty of options for the lovers out there. Some of our favourite funny love cards – “I Really Fucking Fancy You” and “I Fancy your Willy”.

Why Choose Us for your Rude Anniversary Cards?

Every anniversary card is design and printed in-house in Carlisle, Cumbria, giving us the chance to offer you anniversary cards for your husband, boyfriend, wife or girlfriend. We use high quality, thick card which has an uncoated inner making it easy to write. You’ll also have the option for us to print an inner message for an extra 75p.

Since you only have one wedding anniversary each year, our 5 cards for £9.99 offer might not be appealing but you don’t have to buy 5 anniversary cards, you can choose any from our collection to stock up on. If you spend over £20 we’ll give you free UK standard delivery.

What Other Offensive Anniversary Cards & Products Do You Have?

Sometimes a card and flowers is really predictable when celebrating a wedding or love anniversary, so why not spice it up this year and buy your partner something crazy like an offensive anniversary mug. Every time they pop the kettle on to make that badly made cup of tea, they’ll be reminded how much you really love them.

If a mug isn’t something your partner would like, why not get them a funny anniversary mirror or a joke anniversary badge.