We all have that go-to friend that we always disturb if we need a place to crash after a fight with mom, if we broke up with a boyfriend, or if we have new gossip to share. Sometimes we forget to remind them that they are special and that we appreciate their presence in our lives. Saying thank you is mediocre. Why not level up how you can give thanks by giving a Thank you card to make it more memorable for them.

If you are looking for ideas on how you can express how much you appreciate them, here are some tips you can apply that will make your thank-you be appreciated and be treasured forever.


  1. Express Your Gratitude Through a Letter

You need to summon your inner sweetness to express that gratitude effectively. Jotting down what you truly feel towards a friend is a helpful way to make them feel appreciated. Your letter can also help lighten up their mood and give them some energy to go through the day. You may opt to add up some gifts as a token of appreciation, or it can be a gift certificate, a gift card, or her favorite basket of food and treats.


  1. Show Your Efforts Through Handwritten Notes

A cute way that can make their heart melt is by writing your thank you notes by yourself. Since store-bought cards are available nowadays, handwritten notes can show that your thanks are sincere. You also have an option to do this on your store-bought gift cards to add that personalized feel. If you want to make it extra special, add some creativity by putting some pretty stationery.


  1. Describe How You See Them Using Cute Sticky Notes

A word of affirmation and praise is one way to show them how much they add value to your life. By describing them, you are letting them know how you see them, making it really heartwarming and reassuring. Do not be afraid to compliment them even with a word or two to encourage them when they are having a bad day.


  1. Apologies with Thanks

Sometimes, you are not aware that you are unintentionally offending or hurting them. Your thank-you note can always include some apologies to show that you value your friendship. Don’t let another day go by after a disagreement or action that can drive a wedge between you and your friend.



You can always look for sample friendship notes over the internet. However, there is no better way to express your gratitude than to speak your mind and heart out using your own words. Making your Thank You note special is when you can make your friend feel appreciated and valued no matter how ugly and unclear your letter is. Indeed, it is the thought that counts and weighs most.

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A few things can be as sweet and thoughtful as receiving a handwritten note, card, or letter from someone you love. But as much as it feels terrific to get one, it feels great to send them as well. If you haven’t tried out sending one to people you love, here’s some things that might change your mind!


Should You Still Send Cards and Letters?

When you send cards and letters, you make the recipient feel loved and appreciated. Taking the time and effort to write a physical letter shows how much you value the recipient. You may also try sending funny cards and letters from time to time because, in this way, you send happiness, too.


How Can You Get Ready to Write?

When is the best time to write your letter? You may try writing one over breakfast as you sip your cup of tea. Perhaps you may also write one as you wait for someone to come over or wait for a meeting to start. When you decide on the right time, make sure you are in the best mood, and you’re not in a rush.

Regardless of the time, all you have to do is gather up all the necessary items such as your craft supplies, pens, stamps, and other pieces of stationery.


5 Helpful Tips for Writing Fun Cards and Letters

As you prepare a genuine and witty message for someone dear to your heart, your mind may start going many miles a minute. Of course, your message depends on the depth of your relationship as well as the occasion you’re writing about. Messages in congratulations cards, birthday cards, and engagement cards are very distinct.


Now that you are ready to write, here are some things you can do to enhance your work.

  1. Use a famous quote – A great quote or a memorable line can be a good starter for any message. If you’re not the best at stringing words together, you can deliver a stronger message if you make the most of a famous person’s best.


  1. Add a PS and make it fun – After delivering a good message, you can provide an extra punch with a PS statement. You can utilize this space for a joke or a sweet line.


  1. The more, the merrier – If you are giving a card to someone in your office or a member of your family, have everyone else add some lines. Having multiple people share their love and sentiments will be even more heartwarming for the recipient. As it will be a mix of funny, simple, sweet, and mischievous, the reader will have a unique experience.


  1. Consider the recipient’s age – When writing your card, always put the receiver’s age in your mind. Each generation has its own general sense of humour, so what can be funny to you can be offensive to an older relative.


  1. Read it multiple times – Whatever you are writing, it is never good to just send it without going through the material a few times. Now, for a card, where your ultimate goal is to make someone smile and feel loved, make sure that’s what your message delivers.



Sending greeting cards is an excellent way to commemorate a special day in a person’s life. It may sound simple, but the right combination of words can brighten someone’s day. It doesn’t have to be too cheesy or sappy; you can always make it light and funny and still make them feel loved.

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They say people’s etiquette is slowly fading away. Gone is the concept of sending handwritten “thank you” notes which most people think are either too intimidating or quite passe. Those who think it intimidating fear that they need to nail the wording down for it to be right. But the truth is, something that’s written sincerely is all that’s needed to show your appreciation. And in any case, an imperfectly written thank you letter that comes from the heart is still so much better than not sending one at all.

You Said It, your best source for funny cards, shares a quick guide to “Thank You” notes:


When to Send “Thank You” Notes

You might be wondering when it’s appropriate to send notes that show your gratitude. Before that, though, you must know that when you’re making “thank you” notes, they should be sent out as soon as possible. They should also be specific. For instance, if someone gifted your baby boy with a blue rattle, you can write, “Thank you for the cute blue rattle! My little boy will have hours of fun with it!” These sort of “thank you” notes can be written on informal writing paper. The only instance you’ll need formal stationery is for when writing notes for a wedding.


Now, here are the situations that require thank you notes:

  • For receiving wedding gifts
  • For getting sympathy flowers or cards
  • For hosting a party for you or your family
  • For bridal and baby shower presents
  • For gifts that you received by mail
  • For being invited to a social event by a boss
  • For gift baskets and flowers received during a hospital stay
  • For being accepted as a houseguest for a night or more
  • For getting congratulatory presents


You don’t need to send thank you notes for these instances, but you still may, if you wish:

  • For being a guest at a dinner party
  • For accommodating you in a job interview
  • For birthday presents you’ve already opened (and thanked the giver for)
  • For when friends helped you out with errands or babysitting
  • For when colleagues helped you out with something work-related


How to Address the Cards

Thank you notes should always be addressed to the person who signed your gift card, or in the case of presents from families, it could be addressed to the spouses. In the salutation, you can use the first names of the spouses then extend your gratitude to other members of the family in the body of the note.

How formal you need to be on the note depends on the kind and level of relationship you are with the person you are sending it to. For instance, to say thank you to friends who have been your closest buddies since preschool for taking care of you when you were sick, sending rude thank you cards can be deemed funny. It’s because you’re on that level where they get your humour and know what the cards truly mean. That won’t work with a boss or a new acquaintance, though, nor would your distant aunt appreciate it!

If the recipient is someone who’s not really in your inner circle, it’s safe to use a more formal tone.



Sending “thank you” cards is never out of style. It shows that you have etiquette. But more than that, it shows that you appreciate the thoughtfulness of people who gifted you or exerted effort to help you out in certain situations.

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Greeting cards are making a comeback! And they come with much cuter illustrations and witty content.

Sending greeting cards to your family and friends can be a great way to congratulate them on something, especially if you can’t be there to celebrate with them physically. And you don’t have to worry about the formalities of writing a proper letter like you were taught in school. You can keep your greeting short and simple.

Here are a few ways you can keep your greeting brief, funny, but still meaningful.


Know Your Audience

Before you select your greeting card and write on it, you need to know how the recipient will react. After all, your conservative grandmother might not appreciate getting a somewhat crude birthday card.

Make sure the person will like the card you choose. And make the message you write appropriate to the relationship you have with the recipient. You can still be funny with an older relative as long as that’s how your relationship with them has always been.


Be More Creative With the Greeting

“Dear Name” is overdone. Add a little spice to your greeting. It could be as simple as “Hey Grandpa” or something casual like “‘Sup Mate.” Just steer clear of the formal letter greetings you might use in corporate communications.


Skip the Excuses

Many people start their letters with an apology for not keeping in touch that often and an emphasis on how busy life has been for them. We suggest you skip this part. It’ll only take up space and doesn’t really add anything to your card. We’re sure your friend already understands how busy life can get when you’re an adult, so adding this little blip won’t be necessary.


Tailor the Humour to the Occasion

It goes without saying that you probably shouldn’t try to be funny when you’re writing a sympathy card. True humour isn’t offensive, so be mindful of what you can joke about when sending a greeting card.

On a lighter note, you should also try to fit the humour to the occasion. For example, if your friend just had a baby, you can say, “I guess you’ve got a literal dadbod now,” to make him laugh.


Don’t Be Afraid to Be Sentimental

Jokes aside, the person you’re sending a card to probably means a lot to you. So, don’t be afraid to be sentimental. Genuinely congratulate them for whatever milestone they’ve reached and let them know you’re proud of them. Remind them that you’ll always be a friend through laughter and tears.


End on a Hopeful Note

Close your letter with something hopeful. Perhaps you can suggest a catch-up session soon or wish them luck on their next endeavours. Let them know that future correspondence is an option.


Don’t Use a Generic Closing Signature

Skip the overused “Sincerely” or “Best Regards” and replace them with something more creative. You could be funny with a “Your Prettiest Daughter” or heartfelt with an “Always Your Friend.”




Receiving a greeting card can make a person smile, especially if one of their top love languages is words of affirmation. Whether you decide to be funny or meaningful or even a combination of both, what matters is that the person you’re sending the card to will appreciate whatever you go for.

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Pets are considered a valuable part of a family. They give us comfort and happiness, so they only deserve proper care and attention. However, no matter how much we want them to stay active and healthy, they still get sick at some point in their lives. When that happens, pet owners become anxious and depressed.

If you know someone with a sick pet, offer them some reassurance and support. One sweet way to do that is to write and send a get-well card for their pet.


Does It Matter?

You might be thinking about how a piece of note may change an owner’s mood. And how can a pet understand the message? Well, pets create a special bond with their owners. They can somehow feel what their owner feels.

When you write a get-well card for a pet, the owner will appreciate that you acknowledge what their pet is going through and sympathise with them. It can make the owner feel better, and with the hugs and cuddles they give their pet, the fur babies can also feel the well-wishes!


What to Include in Your Well-Wishes for a Pet

There are various ways on how you can write a heartwarming get-well card for a pet. You might be wondering what the best words to include are, but it will be easier if you will see the following examples:


For Pets in General

  • Pets make lives more colourful and fun. We hope your little fur baby gets better soon.
  • We are all praying for the fast and full recovery of your little buddy!
  • It’s sad to know that an adorable member of the family is not feeling well. Let us know how we can help.


For a Dog

  • Don’t be ashamed of feeling bad unless, of course, you’re going to wear a cone of shame.
  • “Bark, Bark, Arf, Arf!” What I Mean: Get well soon, buddy!
  • We hope that your four-legged best friend will be back in health.
  • Wishing you the best! Get well soon.
  • I hope you get back to chasing butterflies and squirrels in no time.


For a Cat

  • Cats are strong fighters! That’s the reason why you have claws, sharp teeth and awesome reflexes. Get well soon!
  • I’d love to hear again that happy “Meow!” Get well soon.
  • I pray that your cat doesn’t need to risk any of its nine lives to get better.
  • I hope your cat will recover soon so that our little felines will be playing together again.

As you can see in the examples, a get-well card can have a touching message or a bit of humour, as long as the genuine message to wish them well is there.


The Don’ts When Writing a Pet’s Get-Well Card

There are things that you should include in the message, especially if they will offend or hurt the owner’s feelings. Make sure to remember the following:

  • Do not compare the pet to your or to others’ pets. Avoid being insensitive to what you’re going to say.
  • Do not forget to focus on the importance of pets.
  • Do not mention the negative qualities of the pet. Or, do not bring up an instance when the pet has shown negative behaviour before.
  • Never, never suggest euthanising the pet.



Pets can make us happy and help reduce our stress. When they get sick, their owners also feel sad and worried. If one of your friends’ pets got sick, a thoughtful way to ease their worries is to send a touching get-well card for the pet. Make sure to keep your message short and sincere. Or, you can add a little bit of humour to lighten the mood!

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Although life is already well-invested in the world of digital dependence, greeting cards have made a much-needed resurgence today.

Sure, you might think that text messages, DMs, and wall posts are a great way to celebrate an occasion, but the sad truth is that they don’t possess the same impact that actual paper and well-made prints have. Whether it’s for a Christmas Day greeting or a national holiday that you’d like to share the cheer of, the fact is that greeting cards are back and better than ever, and they’re here to stay.

If you’ve been wanting to bring happiness into someone’s life or keen on making anyone’s day, the chances are that you’re stocked up on top-notch greeting cards from You Said It. Seeing that cards are already amazing to read and look at, it would be safe to assume that giving them makes for a wonderful experience. This is true if you’re planning to write a heartfelt message on it, especially if you’re looking to give thanks to someone.

Bridal showers are one of the happiest and exciting occasions in every bride-to-be’s life. It’s the moment when your family and friends celebrate with you before you enter married life. On this occasion, you receive tonnes of gifts and well-wishes–and that feeling is pretty amazing!

After receiving those fantastic and meaningful gifts from them, it’s just proper for you to send a thank you letter to let them know that their efforts are appreciated. However, this might sound overwhelming for you because you’re a busy bride preparing for your big day. You might be thinking: what should you write on a bridal shower thank you note?

Don’t worry because we’re giving you some tips on how to write a lovely bridal shower thank you note for your loved ones.

On the surface, writing a wedding card may seem easy. But once you have the card in front of you and the pen in your hand, you may suddenly find yourself stuck with writer’s block.

Many people find it challenging to write a warm and heartfelt wedding card message because wedding day sentiments are like precious gems. This is because you want to make sure you word your thoughts and feelings correctly to ensure that the newlyweds feel the love and excitement you have in the next stage of their lives.

You’re probably here because you need some wedding card wording inspiration — if that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want to write a formal message or if you want to keep it casual and funny, here are some top wedding card tips and examples that can help you craft the perfect wedding well-wishes!

When writing anything, depending on the situation, there are different tones that you need to consider. And when it comes to writing wedding cards, you need to follow the same concept.

Wedding cards are significant and sentimental gifts. With that being said, you want to ensure that you write a message that’s heartfelt, simple, and timeless. However, depending on your relationship with the married couple, you can play around with your tone to ensure your sentiments will translate perfectly.

In this article, we’ll dig deeper into different strategies on how to write formal and casual wedding cards. Grab your pen, and let’s get to it!

In today’s day and age, it’s not all the time when people receive physical cards on a special occasion because most of the greetings happen digitally, over on social media or through text messages. If you’re sentimental about tangible things, such as receiving traditional birthday cards, then you can expect your loved ones to feel the same way too.

Nothing compares to acquiring physical gifts, even if it means receiving a “mere” greeting card. It shows that a person close to you thought of you and wanted you to receive something with a personal message written on it! If you’re planning to send the people you love greeting cards on their special day, you must know what it entails to ensure they have a great time once they get their hands on it.

Keep reading below to find out what to know about creating the best card that’s perfect for any event.