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Funny LBGTQ+ Cards

Sometimes you need to give a card. And sometimes you want it to be as sparkly and fabulous as you. It needs to be authentic and meaningful because people matter. So why does every card always depict a straight couple? Well, now they don’t.

Now you can give your LGBT+ friends and family the proper representation they deserve with a funny LGBT+ card made just for the LGBT+ community. You can show off your sparkly, shiny self with the perfect LGBT+ card for every occasion. 

Show Your Love and Support on Every Occasion:

Appreciate your LGBT+ friend or family member with the gift of a humorous and heartfelt card. Need a funny LGBT+ card for Easter or Thanksgiving?  We have a selection of cards for that. Or maybe you need to say thank you, or I love you. We have a card for those too. Or maybe you really want to call your LGBT+ significant other a Christmas wanker. Well, you are in the right place, my sarcastic and irreverent friend. We have a card for that as well. 

Look, we know how hard adulating is. Remembering to send cards for every occasion can be a pain in the butt. And to try and find a card that reflects your true self? Nearly impossible. But not anymore. We have a card for one and all. 

Share Your Feelings With Something Tangible:

Want to tell mom you love her? No problem. Want to tell him how hot he is? No problem. We have the right card for you. Maybe you fantasise about kissing her down under the mistletoe but don’t know how to tell her. 

Well, now you can with a Christmas card from us. We like to think of this as killing two birds with one stone. We have funny gay cards and funny Lesbian specific cards. We understand that one card fits all is simply never the case, and that is why we strive so hard to have a card that expresses who you truly are. 

Let’s Send Some Funny LGBT+ Cards to Everyone:

Do you know what the best thing is? Since we have funny and heartfelt LGBT+ cards for all occasions, you can buy your yearly supply all at once. And that, my fine, marvellous friend, means that you have will get a special discounted price of £9.99 for 5 cards of your choice.

From the hilariously obscene to the loving and PG enough to show the straight and narrow parents, You Said It cards has something fabulous for your special day. And the best part? You can customise the inside of any card for a more personal touch.