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Rude & Funny Father’s Day Cards

Father’s day is around the corner, and no matter how much you tell your father that you love him, this day requires a special gesture. So to help you give him something fun and lovely, we have added a massive collection of funny Father’s day cards with clever puns and heartfelt taglines.

Get any card you want, couple it with a nice watch or that pack of cigars he’s been eyeing for a while, and you will have yourself a great gift for your dad.


Show Your Love With Some Fun-Coated Cards:

A son’s relationship with his Father is different than what a daughter and father share. Sons receive tough love while daughters are treated as princesses. So how you share your feelings for your Father on his day can be different.

Luckily, we have the best laughable Father’s day cards for both sons and daughters. And if he loves a bit of banter, our offensive Father’s day cards will definitely make him laugh.

Making a few jokes while telling him you care can lighten the atmosphere and give you some moments of laughter with your dad, which you will cherish forever.


Share a Few Words Depicting Your Emotions about Him:

Father’s day provides you with a perfect excuse to spoil your dad a little and tell him how special he is for you. This is the reason we have put together a wide range of heartfelt and cheeky Father’s day cards for your dad, granddad, stepdad, or anyone who deserves a shout out on this day.

Besides the tag lines on our hilarious Father’s day cards, for an extra £0.50, you can have something written inside as well to give it a more personal touch and show him you put a thought in this special gesture.


Our Funny Father’s Day Cards Can Help You Put a Smile on His Face:

Be it the rude Father’s day cards filled with affection like “I can’t believe I have to buy you a card just because you had sex with mum.” Or a funny yet emotional one like “Dad, you are my favourite, don’t tell mum” we have all kinds of cards depending on what your father might like.

So select the one you like the most, hit that “Add to Cart” button, and get your dad some of our finest and most humorous father’s day cards to appreciate his presence in your life.