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50th Birthday Cards

The day someone turns 50 is the most important milestone in their life. They have completed a half-century, they have seen and experienced many things that a majority of people haven’t. They are at the sweet spot of age where they are not too old and not too young; they are wise, matured, and have an element of grace in their personality. If someone you know is turning 50, be sure to celebrate their golden jubilee with them, and the most perfect way to do so is to put a smile on their face. Our funny 50th birthday cards will help you do just that!

Explore our massive range of 50th birthday cards, find the one you know will make them burst with laughter, and have it shipped to you or them. We also have a wide collection of rude 50th birthday cards if you know they can take an offensive joke well. Have some fun with them on one of the biggest milestones of their life and just be there with them on this special day; that’s what really counts. 

You can also order a bundle of 5 cards for just £9.99 if you know you’ll be sending cards for different occasions throughout the year.