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Break-Up/Divorce Cards

Everyone expresses feelings in their own different way. For some, it might be having a nervous breakdown during a break-up, and some might sit back and send some offensive break-up/divorce cards to their ex. 

If you are the later one, then you have come to the right place, whether you need something funny to lighten the mood or something rude to avoid an emotional display, we have all kinds of cards for you.


End The Era On a Lighter Note:

Life can take some surprising turns, and one of them can be the pain of leaving your partner. However, a funny gesture can lighten the mood of both you and your soon-to-be-ex on this unfortunate occasion. By giving them a funny break-up/divorce card, you can end the era on a lighter note.

We have a range of humorous break-up/divorce cards that you can give to him/her as a souvenir for the time you spent together. 

No matter how bad things got in the end, a few thoughtful custom-written sentences on the card and our own hilarious tag line printed on the front will always make them cherish the good times you had.


Support Your Friend in an Amusing Way:

Maybe your friend is having a break-up/divorce, and you just want to be there for him/her but in your own funny way. Well, we have a variety of rude break-up/divorce and offensive break-up/divorce cards too! 

Our witty cards like ‘I can’t believe it lasted this long’ or ‘Yay, I hope you get to keep the house’, will be perfect for showing support to your friend in your own naturally funny way.

Sending such cards not only gives your gesture a personal touch, but it also shows your friend that you are there for them if they need some arms for a hug or a shoulder to cry on.


Choose Our Funny Break-Up/Divorce Cards to Part on Good Terms:

Getting a card might seem old-school, but the personal touch and sentimental value it holds can never be found in a simple WhatsApp text. 

You can either get the cards with our funny lines printed on them or have custom printing done for an extra £0.50. Either way, this simple piece of paper will give your ex something to think about you.

The best part is that our hilarious break-up/divorce cards are not even that expensive, and if you get our 5-card bundle for £9.99, you will save some pounds too.

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