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From the Cat Christmas Card:

We know you love your purring furry friend even though he licks himself on your bed while you are trying to sleep. And sure, he jumps up and stares when you are getting it on with your significant other. Tact is not his strong suit. And that is why you need to send rude Christmas cards from the cat to all your friends and family. It just fits his personality. But how do you find the perfect funny Christmas card from such an aloof and judgmental prick? 

Easy, you send one of our cards. We have a wide range of cat-approved cards. But the question remains… Do cats truly approve of anything? We’re not sure. But we are certain that if they were to, it would be our highly sarcastic and rude collection of Christmas cards from the cat. There is a perfect card for every family member from your furry, standoffish buddy. 

We know he would never buy a card on his own, but just for this holiday, make him the star of the night for more than just throwing up a hairball during Christmas dinner. He will be nonplussed and irritated as everyone thanks him for such a funny Christmas card. And that in our eyes is just purrfect.