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Customised Cards

Whether you want to watch the look on your friends’ faces after giving them some funny and offensive customised cards on some occasion or just want to make someone special smile with some clever tag lines, we can help. 

Our thoughtful cards with premium quality material and excellent printing will make the receiver feel like you have put some consideration and work into getting this card for them. 

From a few sentences expressing your love to some funny remarks making your loved ones laugh, anything can be written inside these custom cards to make them unique.


Write an Inside Joke For a Personal Vibe:

The best part of getting funny customised cards is that you can write whatever you want, and if you are giving the card to someone close to you, you can even have an inside joke printed. 

Or you can just add the name of the receiver in our witty customised cards’ pre-written tag lines such as “To [Name Here] I hope you like this birthday card because it’s also your present.” 

It seems simple, but when the person on the receiving end will read it, they won’t keep themselves from smiling, and that’s the end goal, isn’t it? To make your loved ones smile?


No Matter The Occasion, Get a Card That Fits:

The main benefit of getting hilarious customised cards is that you can modify them to be unique for your loved one. 

Be it the Valentine, birthday, or holidays; you can count on us to make some of the finest laughable customised cards just for that special person in your life.

Isn’t it thoughtful? Giving something so unique that only the person receiving it will have it out of 7 billion people. No perfumes, watches, or expensive gifts can beat that.


Choose Our Humorous Customised Cards to Have Fun With Your Friends:

So if you are excited to give some cheeky customised cards to your family members or some rude customised cards to your close friends, you should hit that Add to Cart button now. 

And if you want to gift the cards to more than one person, you can order our 5-card bundle for just £9.99. 

Plus, if you purchase over £20, we will bear the shipping charges to appreciate the love and value you give to your friends and family.