Leaving a place of work can be a sad occasion. It can be sad for you, your colleagues, and the job itself. However, as with all things, jobs occasionally come to an end. Whether you’ve found gainful employment elsewhere, been sacked, or laid off in some way, there are ways to make your last day of work memorable and light-hearted.

Before you turn in your badge, g-string, and bowtie, there are definitely a few things you could do to make your exit memorable. After all, the friends (or enemies) you’ve made at this job will likely feel a thing or two about your departure. So why not capitalise on that with a few parting gestures?

Choose your exit outfit

One of the simplest ways you can make a lasting impression is to carefully curate an outfit that highlights the importance of this day. Push the boundaries of professional attire without breaking them so that your colleagues can watch you walk away with their mouths agape in awe.

If the attire at work happens to be casual to semi-casual, you could also wear a statement shirt. If you are being laid off or sacked, it might send a message to wear a shirt with Karl Marx’s face on it. Perhaps Vladimir Lenin might also be a great thing to wear.


Reject all unnecessary work

Likely, your last day of work will be dedicated to some off-boarding tasks and procedures. Likely, some of your more annoying coworkers might try to get you to help with their workloads outside of your own tasks. When this happens, look them deeply in the eyes and tell them the magic words, “That’s not my role anymore. You’ll have to ask someone else.”


Have a pizza party for everyone you like at the office (even if it’s just you)

The last day in any working environment can be stressful, so it is important to treat yourself on the day to make it a more memorable experience. If you had a good experience with your coworkers and the workplace, good for you; perhaps you could have a small pizza party for a select group of your friends and colleagues.

If it wasn’t a good working environment, order the pizza or whatever deliciously fragrant meal you can, let them smell it, then eat it all by yourself.


Send rude goodbye cards to your friends (and enemies)

If you had friends at this job, they are more than likely sad to see you go. What better way to diffuse this sadness with a rude goodbye card calling them some oddly specific insult before you go? Your exit might be bittersweet, but you can still make the people who matter laugh before you leave. Perhaps you could even write a meaningful note in the card, despite its rudeness.

For the people you don’t like, you could just leave them the rude goodbye card with no dedication whatsoever.


In conclusion

Whether you work at a desk or dance on top of it, leaving a job is always a bittersweet moment. Whether you are leaving for greener pastures or have been unceremoniously supplanted by a hashtag-spouting zoomer, you can make your goodbyes memorable with just enough creativity.

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