There are so many ways to make different occasions and moments memorable. You can insert money into a cake, pull off a surprise, or create a nice video—but nothing beats a classic greeting card. No matter how many innovations or technological advancements are developed in the coming years, sending a heartfelt card is still the best way to get your feelings across.


The Simple and Perfect Anniversary Gift

So, you and your partner have reached a milestone in your relationship and are about to celebrate your anniversary. How are you supposed to show your sincerity? You can throw a party or set up a date, but how else can you make your anniversary even more special?

Good old “I Love You-s” usually do the trick in showing your sincerity, but why not change things up a little this time?

You can try giving them a special greeting card! Cards are perfect for topping off you and your partner’s anniversary—they add a romantic, personal touch that virtual messages and emojis couldn’t.


What Kind of Card Should I Give?

Now that you’ve settled on sending them a greeting card, the next step is choosing what kind of anniversary card to give. “Happy Anniversary” may be the obvious answer, but generic greetings and messages could come across as insincere and impersonal. Don’t you think you can do better?

Instead of getting the first card you can find, why not buy one that includes a message that perfectly reflects your relationship? With greeting cards, the possibilities are endless! If you don’t know which one to buy, just read through our available anniversary greeting cards of different kinds:


Classic Anniversary Cards

Classic anniversary cards with romantic quotes and messages will do just the trick in showing your sincerity and genuine happiness. A lovely message may even trigger special memories you both shared in the past, reinforcing your love for each other.

This kind of anniversary card doesn’t necessarily have to say “Happy Anniversary.” You can still get the message across by choosing cards such as:


Funny Anniversary Cards

Bring a bit of humour into your life! If you and your partner like to have a bit of banter and make a few jokes during your daily life, why not sprinkle some comedy in your anniversary card to make them laugh? Funny anniversary cards are not only unique, but they also help make the day much brighter.

You can give them funny anniversary cards like:


Rude Anniversary Cards

If you want to take it one step higher, then put a little ‘spice’ to your anniversary cards! Rude anniversary cards are not for everyone—make sure that your partner will appreciate the dirty jokes and messages before deciding to buy this kind. If you think they’d love it, then go ahead! Just maybe don’t let anyone read the card in public?

Here are some of our best rude anniversary cards you can give your partner:




Anniversaries are special milestones in your relationship. They are a reminder of the lasting love you and your partner share and the coming days and years you will face together. Celebrate your anniversary by giving them the perfect card with your personal touch.

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