Many individuals across all generations are returning to being more personal or thoughtful with what they say; this includes the return of sending out greeting cards. Although “snail mail” has been considered outdated compared to modern-day communication like social media and video chatting, greeting cards have begun to challenge what it means to truly connect with people in the age of instant communication.

As a means to innovate, greeting cards have also deviated from the traditional format that we may have known before, like those traditional Christmas cards with family pictures. For instance, there are now more cheeky birthday cards or thank you cards with a well-meaning message just after a curse word in bold font. This is because younger generations have discovered why sending out letters is a great way to leave beaming smiles and a good laugh among their peers.

This article looks deeper into the reasons why greetings cards are coming back and not just a passing fancy or a “nostalgia cash grab.” We hope it gives you the chance to appreciate the greeting card giving process and pique your interest enough to send one out for yourself.


  1. Greeting Cards are Personal Keepsakes

One thing that most forms of digital communication cannot recreate is making your message a personal keepsake. This is something you can’t replicate by printing out screenshots of digitalised messages or e-cards. It’s different because there are creative flairs or personal flourishes that complete your personal message. You can even collect them in a scrapbook or box.

Keeping a sent greeting card is a reminder that a member of your family or pal values you and that their message is something they want you to keep. This personalised touch also allows you to revisit these messages and brighten your day when daily life gets rough.


  1. Greeting Cards Let Your Message Sink In

As personal keepsakes, sending a greeting card also lets the receiver really appreciate the message you sent, especially if you wrote it out. Greeting cards really make your message stand out as something unforgettable in the minds of the recipients.

It can be in the form of many emotions, such as being sentimental or romantic or you are simply joking around with someone. As there are different greeting cards made for different situations or occasions, your message sits with the receiver and reminds them of the good times when they reminisce.


  1. Greeting Cards Add the Perfect Personal Finishing Touch to Your Gift

Greeting cards are not only a worthy collectable or reminder of heartfelt messages. It also helps tie in gifts or packages that you send out. Often, we buy gifts, wrap them up, and then hand them out. These gifts can become forgettable as they may not have a personal touch.

Adding a greeting card perfectly communicates your intention and authentic appreciation for the person. It’s essentially like giving two gifts to someone because you not only bought something they might want, they also receive words of encouragement or a comedic inside joke that really ties the package together.


Send out your own greeting cards!

With over a million text messages and social media posts being shared, you can stand out and dare to be more personal by sending out a greeting card. Cherish the people you know by giving them messages they will love, whether it be a light-hearted joke or a well-thought-out letter. Communicate better with greeting cards today!

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