How to Reconnect with People by Writing Greeting Cards and Letters

Have you ever sat down to write a letter and found yourself with a blank mind? Sometimes this is a sign that you’re unsure of something and need to clear your head by stating the truth in a letter: I bought this card for you, but I’m sitting here in the cafe or at home now, not sure how to tell you that I got it. This can give you a way of writing a letter. To help you, here are some tips:

In the age of social media and digital messaging platforms, receiving physical greeting cards has become much more special and sentimental. Whether they were given to you on your birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion, nothing compares to handwritten letters, as they will instantly make you feel loved and appreciated. That is why you should not let them be cluttered all over your house or throw them away.

If you have been keeping many greeting cards from families, friends, colleagues, and other special people in your life, here are some ways to preserve and repurpose them.

Greeting cards are making a comeback! And they come with much cuter illustrations and witty content.

Sending greeting cards to your family and friends can be a great way to congratulate them on something, especially if you can’t be there to celebrate with them physically. And you don’t have to worry about the formalities of writing a proper letter like you were taught in school. You can keep your greeting short and simple.

Here are a few ways you can keep your greeting brief, funny, but still meaningful.

With print being back and better than ever, celebrating occasions has gone back to its more meaningful former self, thanks to the boom of greeting cards.

Today, even the most digitally invested of people have begun to make their greetings through note cards because of how meaningful they make one’s efforts seem. Although technology is great at improving and making the most out of different parts and actions in our lives, they pale in comparison to making someone feel special during any occasion.

Whether you want to make someone’s day on Valentine’s, Christmas, New Year’s, or on their birthday, it will always be a great idea to pull out a card and start writing heartfelt messages by hand. After years (or even a decade) of not writing and sending out cards, it can be quite difficult to get back into the groove, which is why you want to know how you can write the best message possible!


Losing something you care about is an experience you would not want to go through, and the same is the case when you hear a close friend or family member witness this. Unfortunately, it seems to be a grim reality for many as the global pandemic and increased health risks continue to skyrocket. Worse, many are often isolated and left to process these tough emotions by themselves due to social distancing measures, leading them to be depressed. Luckily, you can show them they are not alone. Use this article as your guide to be more empathetic during these difficult times.

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Greeting cards have a psychological effect. Knowing how it affects a person psychologically can help business owners or individuals better design greeting cards. People have exchanged illustrated greetings for centuries. In fact, as early as the 15th century, Europeans were already making greeting cards.

Over the last 100 years, cards have been used to communicate sentiments about different life experiences and shared events. The most common type of greeting cards is for birthdays because they are great opportunities to send cards with personal meanings.

Holidays and special occasions are good moments to send cards to business contacts, family and friends.

While there are different thoughts going on in your mind every day, the chances are that there’s one specific question that you haven’t asked yourself lately: “When was the last time I received a greeting card?”

In today’s digital world, it’s quite difficult to not get caught up in a cycle of convenience that unintentionally reduces the value of greetings to a certain extent. Today, greeting anyone for any occasion has been reduced to a mere array of keystrokes and clicks to the point where e-greetings no longer feel valuable (even if they’re made with the best intentions).

When it comes to greeting cards, which do you prefer—paper or virtual ones? Despite modern technology and the convenience the internet brings, paper is still the most preferred form of greeting cards. It’s easy to think that paper greeting cards have fallen on the wayside as we live in a time when it’s easy to send a greeting via text, email, chat and other methods of online communication today. Still, there is something about paper greeting cards that makes the experience more worthwhile, for both the sender and the receiver.