Sending a greeting card these days may be intimidating as most people are so used to sending messages via chat messages, email, SMS, and other digital avenues. However, nothing beats a greeting card. Even after all these years, cards are still here for us to send. Regardless of the reason for the card, we have prepared a quick refresher course so that you can ease into sending our cards again.

In this article, we will share three basic elements of a greeting card along with useful tips to make your card a memorable one:

If you’re second-guessing about throwing your old greeting cards and letters, you’re probably not yet ready to let them go. There’s something about handwritten physical cards that make them a popular method of connecting with people, even today. Although there are now faster and more efficient ways to deliver messages, handwritten notes still have a special place in our low-tech hearts.

If you love sending out greeting cards for just about any occasion, chances are you have amassed quite a collection of cards at your disposal. This makes sense, given that buying cards for different occasions in advance saves you additional trips to the store. It may even help you in the off chance that you forget an occasion and need to come up with a thoughtful last-minute gift!

The trouble with collecting anything, especially physical greeting cards, can be in keeping them organised. Depending on how long you’ve been into sending out funny mother’s day cards or rude Christmas cards, you may have trouble remembering which occasions you already have in store. The solution to this lies in keeping your greeting cards organised and ready to go.

Here are five tips for keeping your greeting cards sorted out.

In a digital era where anything can be done more conveniently through smartphones, laptops, and social media, it seems like ease-of-use is the norm in most parts of human life today.

From staying updated to the latest developments in the stock market and handling various tasks for work or school-related responsibilities, the ways that technology continues to enrich life is nearly endless. While it may be clear that digital means are guaranteed to help with handling many different tasks, there’s one part of human living where traditional methods are still preferred: Greeting on special occasions.

Looking for the perfect greeting card can be tough. You’re probably tired of the generic, heartfelt greeting cards that don’t quite convery the unique or hilarious relationship you have with the recipient. Whether it’s congratulating your mate on a new job or sending out holiday greetings, you want your card to stand out—and what better way than to design one yourself?

Sending off a personalised greeting card will definitely create a bigger impact on your recipient. You’ll have the opportunity to let your creativity take over and include inside jokes, wicked wordsmithing, and even memes in your cards that will definitely be more representative of your relationship than a generic card would! Here are some tips to help you get started:

One of the most important milestones in adult life is retirement. It can be a daunting step in any adult’s journey, often treated like a rebirth into a new world. And while the colleague you know who’s finally retiring will surely be missed in the workplace, it would make them feel immensely more confident if you gave them a retirement present.

Retirement allows a person time to do more of what they want, in addition to spending more time with their loved ones, so keep this in mind when you think of sending that funny greeting card to send them on their way.

For the rest of this article, we are going to talk about a few wonderful presents to go with hilarious greeting cards for someone who’s about to retire. Read on for this information.

Now that emails and text messaging are the preferred medium of “written” correspondence, it can be tempting to think that sending out greeting cards have fallen out of fashion. On the contrary, physical cards of all kinds have become even more special because of the time and effort that it takes to create and send. This is especially true if you’re sending out handwritten love cards to your significant other or carefully designed Christmas cards for your family.

If you’re still undecided on whether physical notes are worth it, here are four reasons why your loved ones will appreciate receiving a physical greeting card.

eCards or electronic greeting cards are all the rage nowadays in email and social media platforms like Facebook. However, they are often regarded as a dull and inauthentic way to greet someone.

We are aware of these kinds of cards— the annoying ones that are often peppered with cheesy clipart and fonts. But what else truly makes eCards a distasteful way to greet your loved ones?

This article lays out all the facts. The goal is to get you to stop sending out these kinds of cards and maybe teach your mum a thing or two about properly greeting others.

There are thousands of words to say and a hundred ways to say it but it can be tricky to know exactly what to write in a greeting card, let alone make it funny and memorable. They say that one way to make your greeting cards memorable is to make them personal. To that we say, what better way to make your cards personal than to add some light hearted insults and inside jokes?

Here are three ways that rude and funny greeting cards are just better ways of showing affection: