Newly announced engagements are exciting and one of the most special moments in a person’s life. You need to be there, especially if that special someone is a friend or family member. But what exactly do you need to send your best engagement card greeting?

This article will talk about what you can do with an engagement card to show how much you care about the newly engaged couple. The main goal is to express your well-meaning love and support but also to add a little special something to make the card really memorable.

  1. Keep it simple yet thoughtful

One of the most common problems engagement card senders have is the pressure since it’s easy to get all emotional and end up not sending anything. You need to remember that the point is to send authentic well wishes to the newly engaged. Remember—it’s the thought that counts, but you also have to make it more worthwhile than a mere Facebook comment greeting.

Before sending the engagement card, write your draft message on a separate sheet of paper, and remember to keep your message simple yet thoughtful. Don’t ramble about awkward things, like pre-wedding jitters or future baby wishes. Just think of an intimate yet non-generic message to uplift the newly engaged couple.


  1. Think about the good times

You may have a few fond memories with the newly engaged that you want to relive for the sake of nostalgia. That’s an excellent way to start any engagement card greeting, so write it down to remind them how precious they both are to you.

For example, you can talk about the time you all got drunk together during your college days. You can also bring up embarrassing childhood memories. The point is to make them feel overwhelmed with different emotions, all placed into one great engagement card.


  1. Insert a coupon

Just because the wedding is not yet happening doesn’t mean you can’t already send them a gift. Coupons are a great way to give something thoughtful and memorable. You can also make the coupon intently suggestive and mean-spirited to fool around with the newly engaged couple.

For example, you can send them a sex store coupon along with an offensive engagement card. It’s the best way to make the whole intimate engagement greeting experience really personal and stand out from the rest. But remember—you may have to expect the same treatment when you get engaged!


  1. Arrange an intimate gathering

You can use the engagement card as an invitation to a congratulatory party in honour of the newly engaged couple. It’s a way for you to put your best effort forward in celebrating with someone you care about, and it lets them know that there are people who support them. Schedule something in advance and think about making it a surprise if you want. And don’t forget to ask for help to pull the best engagement greeting ever!



Engagement cards are a great way to show your appreciation for someone you love, and it’s important to keep it intimate yet lighthearted. Remember—you also want to make your congratulatory greetings stand out from the rest. Take note of all the previously mentioned tips and make your engagement the best one today!

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