I’m sure over the years of meeting people you will have come across a few cunts? Not literally.. or maybe you have, that’s a story for another day, but I’m sure you know at least one! That’s why we created the cunt range of greeting cards, badges and mirrors, so you’re never stuck when thinking of what kind of birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day card to buy them. So I thought I would bore you all and show you some of my favourite cards we have on our site.

Cunt Birthday Cards

We have a wide range of cunt birthday cards, some which are more personal than other. For example, Happy Birthday You Bald or Fat Cunt cards seem to be selling well lately, maybe that’s one of the keys to becoming a cunt, being bald and fat?!… I just had to feature a few of my favs.

Happy Birthday You Bald Cunt

Cunt Cards

Happy Birthday Cunt Card

Cunt Birthday Card

Cunt Christmas Cards

With Christmas around the corner and a shit load of presents needing to be bought, how about changing up your Christmas card range this year? OK, maybe not the ones you send to your Gran…. unless she’s a cunt!

We’ve just listed a load more cunt Christmas cards this year and I’m sure you’ll find one for your special cunt!

Cunt Christmas Card

Cunt Xmas Cards

Cunt Christmas Cards

Cunt Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to tell your other half how much you love them, or how much of a cunt they are! We have a wide range of cunt Valentine’s Day cards for your significant other.

Happy Valentine’s Day To My Favourite Cunt

I Only Send Valentine’s Day Cards To Cunts

Your Such A Cunt But I Still Love You

Happy Valentine’s Day To My Cunt Of A Wife

So whether it’s a Birthday Cunt card, Christmas Cunt card or Valentine’s Day cunt card you’re looking for, we’ve got you sorted!