In life, you’re likely to encounter considerate people who appreciate the little things. Oftentimes, such people will invite you to a party and will specifically ask their guests not to bring any gifts. To them, the presence of their guests is more important than receiving tangible things.

This could put you in a tight spot if you don’t exactly know what to do. Is it okay to come to the party empty-handed or do you insist on bringing something? In any form of social gatherings, you want to be in your best behaviour.

Having said that, here are some things you could do to show politeness at a “No Gifts Please” party:


Don’t bring a gift

This might sound like you’re taking advantage of the host’s request, but when you think about it, not having anyone bring a gift is truly what they want. No matter how cool, expensive, special, or awesome your gift is, sometimes people just don’t want to receive one, especially for those who embrace minimalism and are trying to do some decluttering.

By respecting their wishes to not bring a gift, you’re already doing them a favour in helping them manage their space.


Contribute to the party some other way

If you feel like not bringing anything is eating you up with guilt, then consider bringing food or drinks to the party. Ask the host if there’s anything they might have missed or ask them if it’s possible to bring a dish that they might want to try. Adding beverages like a bottle of wine to the party will also make the celebration more special.

Your contributions to the party can be enjoyed by other guests too, making the party even more enjoyable. You’ll help offset a few bucks for the host, which they will appreciate.


Give gifts to the children or relatives of the host in their name

When a host asks to not bring a gift, it’s highly likely because they don’t need anything at the moment. However, that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to bring anything for their family members, especially if they have kids. The host may have everything they need in place for the time being but a relative or their kids probably do.

Instead of giving the host any gifts, address it to their family members in their name. This way, you’ll help them save some time and money, and you’re also making them happy by showing that you care about the people they love. Add some funny cards to the gifts for extra points!


Always give cards

Whether you’re going to the party with food contributions, a gift for their family, or without anything at all, you should give them a card with a letter in it to show thoughtfulness. It’s easy to write a note saying how you appreciate them.

If that’s too sentimental for your taste, order a funny greeting card online for a good laugh. You can also opt for rude ones to add some sarcastic flair, which will surely have them laughing every time they read it. Make sure that they won’t be offended by it, though, or you could ruin the whole mood if overdone.



The best way to show etiquette and politeness at a “No Gifts Please” party is to give the host a greeting card. It doesn’t take much space and it has sentimental value for the host. It will also serve as a remembrance to them for a good time with awesome friends and family.

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