At a time where instant messaging has taken over mailing letters, shopping for greeting cards and writing letters have become a lost art. In replacement to the charming, quintessential holiday cards come the rise of ecards, which are a fast, convenient alternative that can easily be customised and sent within a single click of a button. Ecards are now the way of the future, but that doesn’t always mean it’s better.

While ecards are generally more eco-friendly, less time-consuming, and cost-efficient, most ecards that are sent out are often redirected as spam mail, especially if it’s sent out in a bulk email for clients during the holidays. On that note, greeting cards are rooted in the simple act of giving, but taking the easier way out, which defeats the purpose of a holiday card.

After all, taking the time to rifle through a throng of embossed greeting cards and writing down specialised notes provides a unique individuality to your approach, as well as make each client feel special. To that end, the debate on paper versus pixel seems to be an ongoing dilemma, so we’re giving you a rundown on why going old school may be better in this case.


Ecards Sometimes Have Hidden Agendas – Email Address Harvesting!

Some companies often stock up on recipients when sending out holiday eCards, and while there is no malicious intent, doing mostly leads to your eCard being read as spam. Along with eCards are other marketing materials inserted in the email, which can give off an impersonal impression to your clients. Not to mention, many eCard sites tend to harvest email addresses, as well as pose the potential of giving the gift of malware if taken from a non-legitimate eCard website.


Traditional Greeting Cards Can Make Clients Feel Special

eCards are known for its convenience, and while you have more options to spruce up your greeting cards with the freedom to add specialized fonts, music, or even video, there’s nothing more thoughtful than taking the time to pen down your heartfelt greetings to clients. Not only does this eliminate any promotional plugs, but it also establishes rapport as well as offers an opportunity to make an impact with your clients and customers.

Designing a personalised card by embellishing it with your company’s logo and branding also takes the act of exchanging greeting cards a notch higher. While the list of things you can edit are limited, traditional greeting cards are often appreciated for its short and sweet messages that keep things fun and festive to read.


How to Transform Traditional Greeting Cards into an Environmentally-Friendly and Cost-Effective Way of Giving

One of the real problems of using traditional greeting cards is environmental concerns regarding the extensive use of paper and delivery infrastructure. While there isn’t any direct solution to alleviating material costs, there are interesting tactics that can help you stay mindful of the environment when shopping for greeting cards. For instance, many companies provide cards made from 100% recycled material, while other charity providers allow you to purchase cards and donate proceedings to any cause of your choosing. Indeed, this method not only allows you to benefit from the nostalgic charm of greeting cards but allows you to stay eco-friendly in the process too.

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