Many will agree that people have lost some of the best things about our culture with the advancement of technology. Emails, texts, IMs, and video calls have replaced letter-writing. Emojis and stickers are also slowly taking over and taking the place of our beloved greeting cards. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. You can breathe back life into greeting cards by sending one for every occasion, even the most unexpected ones!

Here are some great ideas for you to consider:


  1. To Say “Happy Father’s Day, Mum”

You and your siblings may be used to showing love to your mum every mother’s day. But if your mum has been handling the role of both mum and dad, it’s high time you honour her on father’s day, too!


  1. To Send Funny Retirement Cards to All Your Bosses

This might be a great idea, but only if you and your bosses get along really well. Send them one on their last day of work to cheer them up, or even better, send them a card years before they retire to give them a hint!


  1. To Give Funny Anniversary Cards to Your Loved Ones

Be it to celebrate the anniversary of your first drive to the city, or the anniversary of a goldfish’ passing, anniversary cards with hilarious messages will surely get the recipient rolling in tears. Even something this simple can bring some spark back to your relationship!


  1. To Hand a “Thank You” Card to Your Neighbour for the Littlest Things

Whether they designated you the official taste-tester for their experimental recipes, or they accidentally mowed your lawn on your behalf, a lovely card would go a long way to show your neighbour you are grateful.


  1. To Apologise with a Card

If you have had a small (or big) argument with your sister, your friend, or any other loved one, saying sorry through a card might just be the way to get them to forget you. Compared to merely sending a text message, writing your feelings on a card will make it feel more personal.


  1. To Congratulate Someone Who Came Out

Coming out to friends and family is a hard thing to do. Make sure you show your support and acceptance by letting them know your thoughts through a congratulatory card.


  1. To Say Congratulations on the New Baby (or the Newest Kitten)

Your friend may have been waiting for a while to have a baby, and it’s only right that you congratulate them after they share the good news. You might also send one to any proud “furparent” you know when they get a new addition to their family.


  1. To Show Your Appreciation to Your Assistant or Colleague

If you have at least one person in the office who’s got your back, you better not lose their loyalty. A card that says you appreciate them would work well on this occasion.


  1. To Say Sorry to Your Sister For Ruining Her Shoes

You know how long your sister saved up for that pair. You should show how sorry you are that you spilt your drinks on it and that you sneaked into her room to get the shoes and used them without permission.


  1. To Send a Belated Birthday Card

There’s no way you would convince your friend you remembered their birthday, and you were just busy. Own up to your failing memory and send a belated birthday card! This will at least show you still love them!


  1. To Send a Quinceañera Card to a Friend Who Turns 15

You’ve heard your friend rant about turning 15 for months now. Let her know you were paying attention by giving her a Quinceañera greeting card – she’ll love you for it!



It doesn’t have to be a Christmas Card or a birthday card for it to be special. You can give a card to the people you love (and even to the ones you don’t) for any occasion you can think of. You can even make one up because it shows that you’re thinking about them!

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