Nowadays, people usually dread getting mail because it involves sifting through piles of bills, brochures, catalogues, and other random flyers. Once in a blue moon, you will chance upon a greeting card in your mail that’s sent in by your loved one that you may not have been able to talk to in a while.

Receiving a card, mostly when you least expect to get one, can always turn someone’s day around because surprises and touching moments as those rarely happen. If you’re thinking of sending your best friend a card to brighten their day, then don’t wait for their birthday to do it!

Besides their special day, holidays are also not the only special occasions that can give you an excuse to mail your loved ones funny cards. It’s usually the thought that counts, so if you send it over when they least expect it, you’ll get plus points from simply thinking about them and letting them know that you care!

Keep reading below to find out some instances where you can consider giving your family or friends a greeting card to keep your relationship alive.


When It’s Their First Day at a New Job

The moment you find out your relative or close friend just got accepted to their new job and is starting next week, it’s the perfect time to give them a congratulations card. Since they’re starting a brand new venture, they’re going to need all the confidence, luck, and motivation they can get to overcome their first week at work. You can write down an inspiring message on the card to wish them good luck at work as well.


When It’s Your Friendship Anniversary

If you and your best friend have an anniversary of the day you decided to become inseparable, there are times when you don’t always get to see each other due to conflicting schedules. Even though plans get ruined, that shouldn’t serve as an excuse to stop celebrating your friend-aversary! You can send them a funny anniversary card to remind them why you two became the best of friends and include how grateful you are to have them in your life.


When They Go Through a Breakup

A loved one of yours that goes through a breakup is a tough case to crack, primarily when all they want to do is be alone with their feelings and avoid talking about what happened. But as their best friend, you must cheer them up and remind them how amazing of a person they are by sending them a funny breakup card! That way, they can get their mind off of the pain and find themselves laughing through it instead, and it’s all thanks to you.


When Their Favourite Series Ends

Everyone knows how bad it feels to have your favourite series end, after all the years you spent investing your time and energy in the show. Once you learn your close friend’s most beloved series comes to a close, you can think of writing them a card explaining that you’re always there for them when they need someone to talk about their feelings with.



You don’t always have to wait for your best friend’s birthday or Christmas before you go ahead and send them a birthday card or a greeting card. Most of the time, it’s more special to mail them one when they least expect it because they will appreciate the time and effort you put into the card.

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