There are thousands of words to say and a hundred ways to say it but it can be tricky to know exactly what to write in a greeting card, let alone make it funny and memorable. They say that one way to make your greeting cards memorable is to make them personal. To that we say, what better way to make your cards personal than to add some light hearted insults and inside jokes?

Here are three ways that rude and funny greeting cards are just better ways of showing affection:


  1. Rude Greeting Cards Are Far From Boring

When a friend celebrates a special day, he or she will hear “best wishes!” enough times to want to tear their hair out! Don’t write the same thing as everyone else because obviously, that message will be forgotten within minutes. These greetings are boring and may even come out as an insincere effort.

If you want your message to stand out, bring out a smile, and remain memorable, try writing a rude happy birthday card. You’re sure to make an impact! Plus, these funny cards make you come across witty and smart!

The classic greeting is “Happy Birthday! May you have more birthdays to come”. If that’s what you wrote on your first card, tear it up and throw it away. Add some pizzazz to your greeting by saying something like “Happy birthday, my favourite monkey. It’s time to leave the bananas alone and eat your cake!”.


  1. Rude Greeting Cards Show How Close You Are

One strange facet of human behaviour is that friends like to insult each other in a manner intended to be cordial. They say you can’t be best friends if you don’t make fun of each other. Friends insult each other not to burn bridges or cause harm, but to show affection. Writing rude and funny greeting cards shows that you’re comfortable enough not to feel the need to walk on eggshells around each other.

It’s a nice feeling to have a person who knows what ticks you off and what doesn’t. Someone who tells you that your life is a mess, or that your baby is the unluckiest kid in the world, but congratulates you anyway with a funny pregnancy card.

Sending these unique greeting cards is the best way to show the recipient that you know them and that you care.


  1. Rude Greeting Cards Are Just Hilarious

It may be because of the meme culture in this digital age, but sometimes, sloppy and romantic cards can be a little overbearing. Cheeky greetings, however, will always be funny. While sappy and emotional letters can be hard to read a few years later, rude new baby cards and offensive retirement cards will bring you as much joy and laughter as the first time you read them. So what are you waiting for? Be rude and crude about your feelings, and send your greetings from the bottom of your profanity-laden heart!



While we do encourage you to swap your boring and sappy letters with rude good luck cards and thank you letters, you better be sure that your recipient and you are that close! Humour is subjective so what you write depends on who you’re sending it. Of course, it isn’t always a good idea to send a rude insult to your boss or someone you know on a professional level. Remember, you said it, not we.

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