In a digitally-oriented world where people can instantly send messages to friends, families, significant others, co-workers, and strangers, taking the time to pen down your appreciation for your circle is a dime in a dozen.


Why the Greeting Card Industry is Thriving in a Paperless Landscape

Whether you’re sending a greeting card for personal or professional purposes, jotting down your thoughts is still regarded as an excellent way to send simple gifts thanks to its personalized touch. It’s a versatile gift that allows you to express your feelings for any occasion – be it for anniversaries, graduations, weddings, birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and even as a form of promotion for businesses.

If you want to take your greeting card to the next level, there are ways to elevate the experience and give it a more sophisticated twist. The list below explores some ways to embellish your message:


Tip #1: Consider Different Paper Types

Not all greeting cards are made the same, so choosing the right type of paper can make a world of difference in the quality of your greeting card. It can go from simple to an impressive keepsake, adding a luxurious improvement all for less the price.

Some of the highest-quality finishes for greeting cards include silk, which gives the paper a glamorous shine. Pulp greeting cards, on the other hand, are excellent for eco-conscious givers since it’s made from recycled paper.

There are also textured papers, matt laminated, gloss laminated, and more, so it’s a colorful selection that can give your greeting cards a bespoke appearance.


Tip #2: Consider the Graphics and Imagery

Another design factor that can give your greeting card a visual pop is the graphics printed on the paper. While there are stock images to choose from, you can also have a custom greeting card made and provide high-quality images to personalize the card further. The right visual elements can give a simple card a significant wow factor and enhance your message.


Tip #3: Think About the Wording

A straightforward greeting can be heartfelt, but there’s plenty of room to be creative and play with your words. You can go from humorous, teasing, warm, bubbly, and even lude with your messaging, all it takes is to think about your relationship and capture your speech in a short, sweet, yet unique to the person you’re sending the card to.


The Bottom Line: Choosing a Unique Greeting Card that can Put a Smile on Anyone’s Faces

Anyone can send flashy GIFs and virtual greeting cards with a click of a button, but in a time when social distancing is still at an all-time high across the globe, sending physical notes can make a difference in anyone’s day.


How Can We Take Your Celebrations To The Next Level?

If you’re looking to spice up your virtual celebrations and feel closer to your home-bound friends, why not try sending some custom greeting cards? It’s sure to put a smile and spread laughter among your loved ones during these confusing times.

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