There are so much stress, worry, and anxiety that come along with the COVID-19 outbreak. Many individuals are stuck at home, maybe away from their loved ones. Only our much-valued workers in the front line are allowed to go outside but whose lives are at risk. For the past few months since the outbreak, you may haven’t been physically in touch with your family, friends, and colleagues.

Given the current circumstances, now is the best time to show your love and care by sending greetings cards to your loved one, family, friends, colleagues, and even those in the front line.

Here are five reasons you should hand up thoughtful cards to people to show that you remember them amid the global pandemic:


  1. Expressing gratitude to “frontliners”

During this crucial time, we admire these so-called “frontliners” who are willing to risk their lives to take care of patients and provide the basic needs of the public. Maybe you’ve been getting in touch with your doctor, or maybe you always see this cashier in the supermarket when getting your food supply. Why not take the time to thank them? Leave them with a simple card with words of gratitude, saying: “You are much appreciated!”


  1. Sending love to your family member

If you are away from your family, you are most probably communicating with them via your phones only. As much as you’re worried about them, they are also concerned about you. Now is the best time to send them cards expressing your love and care. Tell your parents and your siblings how much you miss and love them. You know how easy it is to take them for granted during normal days.


  1. Reaching out to your friends

You may have been away from your good friends for quite some time now and may no longer know the whereabouts of some of them. It’s about time to check in on them. Send them cards with a short note, including your phone number and email address. Tell them to contact you in case they need anything, or they want someone to talk to. After all, that’s what friends are for.


  1. Sending encouragement and gratitude to colleagues

It’s more likely that you are currently working at home, and the chances are that you’re missing some of your colleagues at work. Send them notes of encouragement and tell them to enjoy their work at the comforts of their homes. If you’re a supervisor or a manager, it’s a good idea to send your subordinates cards telling them how much you appreciate their hard work, dedication, and commitment.


  1. Sending someone you know well-wishes

If you know someone in a difficult situation, it’s a good idea to send him or her a note. Tell them that you wish them well and that you include them in your prayer. You may not know how this can uplift their spirits or impact their lives.



These may just be pieces of cards written with lovely words. But you don’t know how much you can enlighten the spirit, bring joy, and touch the hearts of people that will receive them from you. Ultimately, it’s fulfilling to show some love and care, especially during this trying time!


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