When you are someone’s guest at their party or a person goes out of their way for you, saying thank you should be an automatic reaction. Unfortunately, many people forget to send messages of gratitude and show their appreciation, even to their closest friends.

Some people are naturally articulate when it comes to expressing their thankfulness, while others struggle with finding the right words. Even if they do treasure someone’s generosity or appreciate a kind gesture, some cannot find the means to express how they feel.

If you do find it difficult to tell another person how grateful you are, writing it down in a heartfelt note or sending a lighthearted greeting card can be just as effective. If you find your vocabulary is limited and you have trouble deciding what to say, here are several messages you might want to try in:


  1. When someone gives you a gift

If you have ever picked out a gift to give someone, you know that it takes precious time, effort, and money. Reciprocate the thought that is put into your present by letting the person know how much you appreciate the effort. You can say:

  • “This is something I have always wanted. Thank you for getting it for me.”
  • “I am so grateful for your gift. I will definitely use it.”
  • “You are so thoughtful and kind for taking the time out to pick out the perfect gift for me.”


  1. When someone does something for you

Sadly, going out of your way to help someone isn’t a common occurrence lately. People lead busy lives, and many are too focused on their activities to find time to do something for others. When someone does a kind deed for you, make it a point to say thank you, because you may not encounter many people in your life who will do it again. Here are some words for your thank you cards:

  • “You help and support mean so much to me, thank you for being there when I needed you.”
  • “Thank you for giving me a place to stay for the weekend. I felt very welcome and comfortable in your home.”
  • “I appreciate you giving up time in your busy day to help me out.”


  1. Saying thank you to your family or your significant other

You don’t need an occasion, or an event to give a thank you card to your family members and loved ones. You should actively pursue opportunities to show them appreciation each day. Be sure to show your gratitude even for the simplest things, because these are the moments that your family needs:

  • “Thank you for preparing that delicious breakfast/lunch/dinner.”
  • “Thank you for coming with me to my work event. I appreciate that you gave up time to be with me.”
  • “I am grateful that you chose to stand by me through thick and thin.”

While genuine acts of kindness do not require messages of thanks, saying “Thank you” can make people happy and give them a sense of validation. When you are crafting your note, think about how you feel to be receiving those kind words. You don’t need to use fancy language or make a grand gesture to show your appreciation. Simply take the time to stop and write down your gratefulness and show that person that their effort and sacrifice made a positive difference in your life.

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