The art of writing letters and sending greeting cards has slowly lost its way in the digital world. At present, people prefer reaching out to their loved ones via email, direct messages, and social media posts. Despite this convenience, there are still those that believe in the authenticity of handwritten cards—after all, it takes a bit more effort and thought to create one!

Instead of sending out a group message saying thank you to all your friends and loved ones over your social media accounts, a handwritten thank you card will be much appreciated. And it doesn’t have to be too hard to come up with a simple message, just write what you think about the person, and you’re good to go!

When you are someone’s guest at their party or a person goes out of their way for you, saying thank you should be an automatic reaction. Unfortunately, many people forget to send messages of gratitude and show their appreciation, even to their closest friends.

Some people are naturally articulate when it comes to expressing their thankfulness, while others struggle with finding the right words. Even if they do treasure someone’s generosity or appreciate a kind gesture, some cannot find the means to express how they feel.

If you do find it difficult to tell another person how grateful you are, writing it down in a heartfelt note or sending a lighthearted greeting card can be just as effective. If you find your vocabulary is limited and you have trouble deciding what to say, here are several messages you might want to try in:

Significant events in your life, such as an upcoming wedding, a baby shower, or graduation often come with parties that involve people you are close to. At these events, it’s essential to be with the guests and express your gratitude for them being there, and sending cards within three months after the event is a great way to extend your appreciation fully. On the other hand, if you will be sending cards for gifts that were given during these events, the cards should be sent within three weeks.

Despite enjoying the thought of those happy moments, unfortunate events are still inevitable, such as a death or illness of a loved one. During these difficult periods, people you’re close to would let you know that they’re thinking of you and that they’re there for you. However, it’s also understandable that while you’re at the thick of things, you may not be in the mood to write out thank you cards or even acknowledge their kind thoughts.

You don’t need to wait for Thanksgiving to show your thankfulness and appreciation to those around you. In fact, every day is a good day to express feelings of praise and find things to be grateful for! This habit of thankfulness not only helps you improve your relationships but also gives you various health benefits, such as restful nights and more energy during the day.

One good way to keep exercising gratitude is to send thank you cards to your family, friends, and even random people who have shown you any kind gesture. What’s even better is that sending cards do not cost much or take your time, yet they can leave significant effects on your health and wellbeing.

The holidays are one of the days people look forward to the most in a year. It is your time off from work and the season to spend with your loved ones. The holiday also gives off that loving and grateful vibe. Sometimes, it makes you want to say your appreciation and thanks to people before you take a break.

If you are the person who always shows people how they mean to you, then we have some suggestions on how you can make them feel extra special. Whether it is for your workmates, clients, friends, or family, here are some things you can do to express your gratitude before you enjoy your minibreak:

When you’ve landed an internship, this is one of the best kinds of work experience you can garner. Despite not being paid much or even being paid at all, you will be able to experience the full extent of a workplace and having co-workers over classmates who only appear to take finals. You will learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to the degree program you decided to take up, and if you do well enough, they may just retain you.

Your internship can be seen as a rite of passage from your educational life towards a transition to work life. The people you meet are different from the usual student, and working for someone gives you a different sense of discipline and accomplishment in your life. After you have completed work for them, it’s always a good idea to send a thank-you note, or even thank-you notes to the people who assisted you during your time at the office.

In this day and age of social media, sending an appreciation message or letter to your family and friends is quick and convenient. However, there is something special about sending a card to a loved one to show your love for them. It can also be beneficial in teaching your children how to show appreciation and kindness to people who care for them.

Writing a thank you card may seem easy and simple, but many people struggle to start writing their message the moment they have the pen in their hands. With that said, here are five tips on how you and your kid can write a thank you card:

It’s important to say ‘thank you’ because someone chose to do something in a certain way. This act of good deed and the time it took to perform the deed need appreciation. In this case, people had a choice not to get you a gift on your special day, but they did. Whether they did it because of getting invited to the party, or that they’re simply good-hearted people, they deserve to be thanked upon.

Pure gratitude and acknowledgement from you will brighten their day and make them believe that their effort was worth the while. Say ‘thank you’ in the best way you can.

There is a saying, “life without friendship is like the sky without the sun.” Imagine how dark and dull life would be if friendship does not exist in this world.

A true friend is there for you in times of need. When you are feeling down, going through a tough time, or in need of support, your friends will be there to pick you up and be by your side throughout the hardship.