This digital era made communication around the world more convenient and efficient. You can send and receive messages instantly wherever you are in the world. But as technology becomes more and more advanced, fewer people see the essence and beauty of greeting cards.

As an unsentimental person, you may have failed to appreciate cards. You may not be interested in them if they don’t come with some money inside. Long messages inside, especially those with an extra paper attached to them, may not seem very significant and even boring.

You may cringe at the idea of crafting sappy messages and writing them down on cards. While you didn’t much care for them for a long time, it’s never too late to start having the heartwarming experience of giving and receiving them. You can appreciate them more and get away with sending them without getting too emotional by being funny or cheeky.

Use Your Humour to Your Advantage

Regardless of the special occasion, cards can be a reminder of joy. They help you show that you care about the recipient and you are thinking of them.

The act of sending cards means you put time and effort into making them loved and cared for. This means going out of your way to buy a card and choose one that suits the celebration and their preferences, write your message, and send it. But if you tend to shy away from expressing your emotions, you can use humour to convey what you’re trying to say.


Where Can I Buy Funny Cards?

Cards come in various designs and themes, and you can pick one that reflects your personality the most. For instance, if your best friend’s birthday is coming up, you can wish them a happy birthday with offensive birthday cards. Just make sure that you’re closely acquainted with them to avoid hurting their feelings.

If your blunt best friend, honest brother, or anyone with a foul mouth is having their birthday and you want to make their day even more special, you can buy rude and funny birthday cards from us. Make them laugh out loud with some of our bestsellers, like “Happy Birthday from Your Four-Legged Child (The Dog)” or “Happy Birthday, Old Woman!”

On the other hand, if someone you know is going through a divorce and could use some laughs, show your support by handing them some breakup or divorce cards. You can cheer them up with our unique cards that say, “Happy Divorce Day,” “When One Becomes Two,” or “I can’t believe it lasted this long… I mean, sorry about the divorce!”


What Makes Our Cards Different?

Each of our cards is designed, printed, and dispatched in-house. Therefore, you can request to get your cards customized. Also, we use high-quality, thick cards with uncoated inner making for easier writing. If you’re embarrassed with your own handwriting, you can ask us to have your message printed.



Greeting cards and humour are the perfect combinations to make someone’s day. Fortunately, you can easily find the perfect funny or rude cards from our store. Birthdays, wedding days, and divorce days alike—there is always a way to poke a little bit of fun at a friend or loved one who can appreciate it.

Whether you’re looking for cards for birthdays, anniversaries, or breakups, you can find them from our collection. Our offensive cards are available throughout the UK. Order now!