We live in a time where it has become so easy to greet someone online whenever an occasion arises. You can send an email, post a Facebook greeting or Tweet, or send a chat or direct message in just a few taps! Doing so is free, after all. Additionally, almost everyone does it, making it widely acceptable to greet someone online and send your regards.

However, despite all of these convenient ways to reach out to people we love and know, nothing beats the power of greeting cards to make someone feel extra special. You might be surprised to know that greeting cards are still being sold and bought in huge numbers to this day. Given the availability of electronic messaging platforms, the fact that people still exchange greeting cards is a remarkable thing. Indeed, greeting cards are here to stay.


What Makes Greeting Cards So Special?

We can’t deny the fact that sending electronic greetings is effortless and quick as long as you have a device and Internet connection. Because of this, many people believe that we will eventually stop using old-school snail mail—think pretty stationery and classic stamps. Of course, email, chat, and social media are likely to remain a huge part of the way we communicate and acquire information. However, physical mail won’t wholly go away simply because it makes someone feel important and cared for.

Let’s take a look at a sample scenario. A cousin living in another city or country just graduated from college. You saw a photo on Facebook of her in a graduation gown, with a caption that tells a story about her challenging but fulfilling college life. Your instant reaction will probably be to like that post and comment to congratulate her. She’ll reply and say thanks. That’s pretty much how it goes, right?

You see, greeting people on Facebook or any online platform for that matter loses intimacy along the way. It’s almost like greeting people online has become a mere habit or routine. The effort to make someone feel special is no longer there.

It’s safe to say that greeting someone on a very special occasion via electronic messaging or social media may come off as distant, if not cold. This is where “snail mail” comes in—and luckily, sending one is no longer as slow as a snail today!

Just imagine receiving something in the mail from someone you’ve been missing. Can you think of that amazing feeling of being surprised and getting excited to open it?

Moreover, greeting cards or letters don’t always need to be sent via the post office. You can personally give one to the people you care about most and see for yourself how delighted they will be. Just seeing their face light up can make your day and of course, you will also make their day with that simple, yet meaningful gesture.


The Numbers Prove It

If you’re still unconvinced that greeting cards are here to stay, take a look at the numbers. Studies show that Christmas remains as the top holiday for exchanging greeting cards in the U.S. Mother’s Day is also a big day for greeting cards. There’s also a 2010 study that reported over 80 percent of people aged 25 to 34 bought greeting cards in the previous year.

Even if you are the most tech-savvy in all the land, we can’t deny the fact that greeting cards will never go out of style.

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