Whatever the occasion is, you will be surprised at how many opportunities and ways you can convey your emotions. Money gift cards have made it possible for many people to express their feelings to a loved one.

Read on to know some of the most imaginative and artistic messages you can write for every type of money gift card.


For Greetings on Birthdays


  • “Dinner’s on me!”


Even if you can not be present to celebrate in person, you can still make someone feel loved on their birthday by sending this message. You can even call their favourite restaurant to have the gift card dropped in the mail.


  • “You know your best size.”


One of the benefits of giving a gift card is you do not have to worry about getting the wrong size or colour for the person you are sending it to. Your loved one is free to make choices when it comes to buying for themselves.


  • “Make a Wish on the Dollars!”


Unfortunately, there may be times when you can not celebrate a loved one’s birthday with them. And gifting a money card with this message is a great way to share this special moment even when you are apart.


For Sending Your Sympathy


  • “Sending my love and warmth in this time of need.”


This is a simple yet powerful way to convey your sympathy, especially if you are unsure what to send the person.


  • “If you do not feel like cooking….”


Experiencing grief may make it hard for people to fulfil their daily tasks and responsibilities, including cooking and caring for themselves. This is why sending a gift card with this message will help you express love for someone who may not be in the right headspace to keep themselves healthy.


  • “I hope this helps you out.”


It is no secret that funeral services can be expensive. Writing this message lets your recipient know that they are not alone and helps with the expenses without coming off financially intrusive.


For Wishing during the Holidays


  • “Go get those new shoes!”


The holidays are a great time to be extra generous and thoughtful toward your family and friends. This is also your chance to help them buy what they have been talking about; send them a gift card and write this message!


  • “This is your sign to go on a family adventure.”


Rather than getting a gift for each member of a family you hold dear to your heart, you can always opt to send a gift card or voucher meant for the entire household! Write them this message and encourage them to go on their next adventure as a family. There is nothing better about the holidays than getting to spend time with the people one loves the most.


For Congratulating a Graduate


  • “For unwinding in a hotel and eating the best food!”


Any graduate will very much appreciate a gift card that is meant for their long-awaited vacation. They deserve those luxurious accommodations and fantastic food, after all. Show your congratulations to them by covering the expenses!


For Welcoming a New Baby


  • “Welcome to the world, precious one!”


Simple yet cute messages never fail to put a smile on any new mother’s face. Who knows, these may be just the right words they want to hear after tiring labour.



Gift cards are an excellent option for people who can not decide on something specific to gift a loved one. Additionally, you can always get creative and extra thoughtful with the message that comes with your gift card.

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