How to Curate the Best Divorce Package – Our Guide

Some life events call for commemoration—a divorce indeed isn’t one of them. Navigating a divorce with a friend is challenging when you live apart. Often, “I wish there were something I could do,” and “Please let me know if you need anything,” aren’t quite enough to mitigate a devastating situation—so how do you offer support? Designating yourself as the Emotional Support Friend is a monumental task, simplified with the following tips.

Tip 1 – Send Funny Leaving Cards

If the Friend in Question appreciates a sprinkle of dark humour, funny divorce cards may put a smile on their face—at least temporarily. If you trust they’ll appreciate an envelope stamped, “I hope you get to keep the house!” there won’t be any harm in making light of a gruelling process.


Tip 2 – Craft a Meal Kit

Nothing says, “eating your feelings,” than a giant tub of ice cream or, if they prefer it, a week’s worth of healthy meals. Tick a task off your loved one’s to-do list by sending over a meal kit or preparing extra servings of your favourite lunches and dinners. A divorce can make for a financially precarious position. Shouldering a few meals can genuinely take a load off—at least in the meantime.


Tip 3 – Treat Them to a Massage

We don’t mean you, silly. Going through a divorce can push self-care into the back burner, so why not treat your friend to a spa day by sending over a gift card? Chances are, the level of stress they’re experiencing might’ve already formed some knots along their back and shoulders that are in desperate need of a deep tissue massage. Even an hour of “me time,” can mean the world to a grieving friend.


Tip 4 – Gift a Self-Help Book

Every relationship is different. So is every divorce. Whether your friend is mitigating an amicable split or coming up for air after years of abuse and manipulation, there is always a lot to process. If they don’t have the means to a counsellor, consider recommending a self-help book on the pains of divorce.


Tip 5 – Propose Any Distractions

Your friend need not be working on the divorce every minute of the day. Suggest hilarious and uplifting activities such as a comedy film or mindless online game. If you consider yourself a gift-giver, send an Amazon or iTunes gift card along with a list of suggested audiobooks. If you’re familiar with a meditation or self-care app, recommend that your friend download it on their smartphone.



Watching a friend or family member pilot a devastating divorce isn’t easy—but it’s undoubtedly worse for them. Whether you’re in a position to offer a more hands-on approach to picking up household chores and watching the kids or the type to deliver weekly goodies, your friend will likely be grateful for any kind of help.

While we don’t stock Condolence Casserole, we do carry an excellent variety of offensive greeting cards. From divorce to baby showers, we have something appropriate—or rather, inappropriate—for every occasion. Sometimes, a good laugh can cushion a great fall—at least until you’re ready to get back on your feet.