Although these three simple words – I love you – hold much meaning, yet we sometimes have trouble expressing such emotions. Such expressions should be something that you tell your partner every day, your parents, your best friend, your siblings, or your children. It may come to no surprise that there are many ways to express your love – whether in writing, a phone call, time spent together, or through a card. However, the perfect “I love you” messages are the ones that sincerely come straight from the heart.

Though it may sound a little cliché, letting the person know how much they mean to you matters. The more genuine your message is, the more heartfelt it will be. If you like to show your love through words, you may find time to sit down and compose a perfect love letter for your loved one. Sending cards and writing a love letter has always been a tradition and one of the most romantic gestures ever. In today’s world of digital media, however, greeting cards are now seen as a tool of the past. The truth, on the other hand, is that they are to stay and will forever be special.

Before you write that letter, consider some of these tips on how to write the most romantic love letter ever:


  1. Be yourself

There is nothing more real and special than sounding like you. In being yourself, you won’t have to open up a dictionary and come up with idioms or profound words, unless you already speak like that naturally. Write like how you would typically talk and speak in-person. It is that simple — no need to sugar coat your message.


  1. Feel the real love

Before you start composing your thoughts and write them in the card, ask yourself simple questions. How does this person make you feel? What do you feel when you see them walking towards you? Do you feel butterflies in your stomach every time they kiss you? Are you smiling about a memory, or do you achingly long for them? These feelings will lead to your thoughts, which you can use to lead you to your words. You can never go wrong from there.


  1. Do not overdo the “I love you”

While it’s really nice to hear the words “I love you”, too much of it can actually lose its meaning. Hold on to that “I love you” until you have reached the most romantic and emotional part of your letter. This is because saying the words the right way at the right time is more meaningful and special. Resist the urge to say it multiple times in the letter, unless you want to sound overly dramatic. The worst thing is that it may lead to the person thinking that you are only trying to fill the space on the card.


Here are some ways on how to express your love through a greeting card:

  • “Despite our busy schedule and hectic life, I am never too busy to think about you and your lovely smile.”
  • “I don’t even want to imagine a world without you in it.”
  • “I still can’t deny the fact that I get overly excited when I see your name pop up on my phone.”
  • “There are some things that are better left unsaid, but telling you how much I love you is not one of them.”
  • “All the magnificent, awesome, and brilliant things you do remind me of how lucky I am that I met you.”


Expressing “I love you” can be done in many different ways. You just have to find that perfect balance and sincerity in your heart. For more love greeting cards, check out You Said It.