The holidays are one of the days people look forward to the most in a year. It is your time off from work and the season to spend with your loved ones. The holiday also gives off that loving and grateful vibe. Sometimes, it makes you want to say your appreciation and thanks to people before you take a break.

If you are the person who always shows people how they mean to you, then we have some suggestions on how you can make them feel extra special. Whether it is for your workmates, clients, friends, or family, here are some things you can do to express your gratitude before you enjoy your minibreak:


  1. Share an activity

Gratitude can be expressed in many ways, and one interesting idea is by giving them a breathing space. Nothing beats a quick escape from the mundane work life. You can invite them to a simple tea or coffee break, or you can go for a massage together after work. Think of an activity they will enjoy. Your treat, of course! This way, you and your colleague can both relax and have fun. It is a thank you gift they will genuinely appreciate.


  1. Let others know

If you are grateful for a colleague who has done a good job or you want to express your appreciation towards a client, you can always choose to spread the word. What we mean is instead of simply sending an email to that person, you can consider looping in their boss or other teammates to make them feel extra good about themselves.

Sharing their achievements with other people simply shows how proud you are of them. This gesture would also encourage more people to express their gratitude to the same person. You will not only make them feel appreciated, but you are also letting the world know about why you are fortunate to work with them.


  1. Give them something useful

If you are fond of giving gifts, you can send them one as a way of saying thanks. Try to veer away from the common gift ideas like sending flowers, chocolates, cookies, or wine. Try to give something they will find useful in their everyday activities. Some ideas to consider are a notebook, a planner, a pen, or a calming candle they can display in their office. Aside from being a reminder of your relationship, these gifts can help them improve their work too.


  1. Write a thank you card

Sending a classic thank you card or thank you note never fails, especially when it is handwritten. Receiving a personalised greeting is more memorable in the world of email and instant messaging. It shows how much effort you put into designing it and in composing the right words they would read in it. Plus, having a printed card is something they can display or reread each time they needed a boost in life.



Gratitude is something that should always be celebrated, whether it is a holiday or an ordinary day. Saying your thanks is a sweet gesture that people will appreciate, and there are many ways to express it. You can explore any of the ideas we mentioned above or make any combinations. Saying your thank-yous creatively makes both the giver and the receiver feel better. If you have not done it yet, you should consider trying it this coming holiday.

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