When you’ve landed an internship, this is one of the best kinds of work experience you can garner. Despite not being paid much or even being paid at all, you will be able to experience the full extent of a workplace and having co-workers over classmates who only appear to take finals. You will learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to the degree program you decided to take up, and if you do well enough, they may just retain you.

Your internship can be seen as a rite of passage from your educational life towards a transition to work life. The people you meet are different from the usual student, and working for someone gives you a different sense of discipline and accomplishment in your life. After you have completed work for them, it’s always a good idea to send a thank-you note, or even thank-you notes to the people who assisted you during your time at the office.

Perhaps your direct manager made the experience one-of-a-kind, or your internship program head helped you find the offering, or maybe your colleagues taught you a thing or two. These would be good times to send a note to end your experience with them on a positive note through expressing appreciation for the opportunity.

Here are some things to consider adding when you are writing thank-you notes to the people that matter:


You Appreciated The Opportunity

Make sure that your gratitude is expressed clearly and from the heart. Maybe you’ve gained valuable experiences from being in the field of work you want to pursue, or you made new connections with someone who could be a reliable business partner. These are things to thank your employing company and their staff for.


New Things Gained Through The Experience

You can consider adding a specific example of a time that made you laugh, or a favourite moment with the company. You can also tell them something interesting you learned with them or something that opened your eyes to a new world.


Subtly Add Contact Details

Remember not to ask for a job directly and explicitly, as some employers may be thrown off. Keep in mind that this note is supposed to be to thank them for the opportunity bestowed upon you, and not a part of your job search or self-branding. A good strategy is asking if you can connect yourself with them on LinkedIn or work-related social media platforms. Include your phone number or email address under your signature just in case they wish to write back or touch base in the future.


Hard Copy Or Soft Copy?

Hard copy letters have more soul to them. While it is easy to just send an email that will likely get lost in a person’s inbox or even not be viewed at all because of clutter, sending physical letters is appreciated by everyone. Handwritten letters are loved by all because of the work and effort put into writing them rather than just typing on a keyboard.



If your manager during the internship is known to be a funny person who appreciates jokes and humour, add your favourite jokes by them or even send a card that has fun written all over it. If you have developed a fun relationship with your colleagues at the internship, why make the letter extremely formal. Make them laugh and miss your eccentric energy in the office by sending them a You Said It card. You may not get the job, but at least you had fun doing it.

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