While a sister can make a wonderful best friend, she can also be a little annoying from time to time. Sometimes she jokes about your escapades or tells your secrets to your parents, but you love her anyway. When you verbally tell her that you love her and mean it, that’s great! But you should also think about the little things you can do to show your sister that you care.

Let’s explore some of those things below:

Show Your Sister You Love Her By Being Present

Being a good friend, a good sister, or even a good person means acknowledging that life is often filled with highs and lows. Everyone needs someone to lend them a shoulder to cry on or give advice, whether it’s spiritual, emotional, or merely logistical.

Being there for your sister will go a long way.


Show Your Sister You Love Her By Being Supportive Of Her Dreams and Aspirations

There are so many times in life that a little push would go a long way in terms of dreams and aspirations. Be that person for your sister as much as you can! If you can help her reach her goals one way or another, whether that’s through a little cash or driving her to the likes of dance practice, do that.

On the other hand, if she’s not entirely sure about her life path just yet but has general ideas or goals, help her get more specific.


Show Your Sister You Love Her By Giving Her A Gift

Have you ever been out running errands, see something that you know your sister likes, then bought it for her? It could be chocolate, a soda, coffee, snacks–whatever it is, don’t underestimate the power that gesture holds! Step it up by looking for a unique gift related to an inside joke between you two or something she’s into that may be niche. Matching bracelets or scarves or something will do well too.

Whatever it is you get her, be sure to add a nice note or letter. Level that gesture up by getting a card that will be sure to make her smile or even laugh!


Show Your Sister You Love Her By Paying Attention To Her Advice and Feedback

Share the limelight! Letting your sister take centre stage, especially if she’s younger, will teach her that she’s got what it takes. You could be surprised by how much better your ideas are when they’re filtered through someone younger than you.

On the other hand, if you’re younger, it will make your older sister feel especially valued and respected.


Show Your Sister You Love Her By Spending Time With Her

Spending time with your sister fosters your bond. Order some chips and watch Netflix, update each other on your lives, listen to her jokes no matter how corny they are and laugh; the possibilities are endless. Your sister will appreciate the way you take time from your schedule to be with her, especially if you’re usually very busy!



Sisterly love is a bond so special that it’s practically impossible to put into words. There are more ways to show it than just saying so out loud. A sister can show love by being present, spending time and buying a gift with a card.

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