Let’s face it—comforting somebody is not easy. Unlike happy occasions when you can greet them with “Congratulations!” there isn’t a reliable go-to step when a friend experiences misfortune. How do you act when someone’s down on their luck?

Comforting a friend is a tricky thing—everybody has different personalities and various ways of coping with bad situations. What may work for someone else may offend another. As a friend, colleague, or relative, it is essential to let them know that you’re thinking of them without stepping on boundaries or touching on sensitive subjects.

To comfort is to lighten someone’s load. You don’t necessarily have to make their situation better, but making their day a little brighter does help. Sometimes, simply letting them know that you care is enough to put a smile on their face.


Sending a Get Well Card

Encouraging text messages are nice—but the thing with texts is that they lack emotion and warmth, no matter how many emojis or exclamation points you put. If you want to convey your sincere feelings, then send an actual, tangible card. Unlike a ping on their phone, a real get well card will get the message across and show how much you care.


What Kind of Card to Give

This is one of those times when you have to think of what to say carefully. Keep in mind that they are in a delicate situation—your words will affect them, whether good or bad. Of course, you’ll want your card to bring comfort and perhaps a bit of joy.

These cards may give you an idea of what to send:


Thoughtful Get Well Cards

If the person you’ll send the card to is a colleague at work or an acquaintance, it’s better to keep it simple. Since you don’t know them well enough, you can’t make any jokes or witty messages since you might offend them when they don’t understand.

Meanwhile, if you’re sending your card to your boss, don’t you dare play around with the card! Don’t get too wordy, either. A simple note letting them know that you’re thinking of them is enough; the card itself has already said quite a bit.

Some of the best but simple get well messages to include in your card are:

  • “Hope you get to feeling better soon!”
  • “Wishing you well.”
  • “Hope you feel a little better every day.”
  • “Take extra good care!”


Funny Get Well Cards

Giving a card to a close relative or a good friend is easier since you know what to say to cheer them up. Indeed, they must have already received many messages that convey sympathy. Things can even get sombre when that’s all you get! Why not brighten their day a little or give them a laugh?

Everybody has different tastes in humour—some may like borderline offensive or rude jokes, but others may not. Ensure that the card isn’t hilarious to just you, but also them, most especially!

Here are a few funny get well cards you can give them:




Expressing your sympathy or sending well wishes do more than you think! A well-written message on the perfect card is a thoughtful gesture that can make all the difference. Take your time choosing the right get well soon card so they can have a smooth and speedy recovery.

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