Sending someone your congratulations is a heart warming way to express your support, love, and care for a person who is important to you. Whether your best friend got their dream job, your child graduated college, or your friend finally mustered up the courage to leave a toxic relationship, there are various means to show how proud you are of their achievements and victories in life, and one of them is by giving them a unique congratulations card.

Here are some fun, witty, and creative messages you can write in a congratulations card:

  1. Inspirational quotes

Dreams are usually not handed to anyone on a silver platter. Most people need to work hard to gain the success that they have been longing for.

If your loved one or family accomplished their goals, it is worth celebrating no matter how insignificant or minuscule the success may seem. Make them feel special and show that someone appreciates their hard work and effort by giving them a congratulations card.

You may incorporate one-of-a-kind inspirational quotes into the card to motivate them to keep moving forward and never give up on their dreams. Browse the internet to get some quotes, look for a quote by their favourite writer, or a touching saying from a book they love.


  1. Cheering noises

Knowing the power of figurative language and sound devices and using them well when writing a card can add some spice and give extra emotional effect to your congratulatory message. For instance, for a super fun way to say congratulations, you can use cheering noises and end it with an exclamation point, such as “Yehey!,” “Yahoo!,” and “Yippee!”


  1. “Congratulations” in different languages

If your friend or loved one is a foreign national, you may consider translating the word “congratulations” to their native language and add them to your funny congratulations card. They are sure to appreciate that you took your time and made some effort to use the language that is close to their heart. When translating the word, just make sure that you are using a reliable translator to ensure that the translation is accurate and avoid using offensive or strange words or phrases.


  1. Short poems

Poems are good for the soul since they promote a connection between the writer and the reader and allow people to share their experiences with one another. To convey your congratulatory message to the person dearest to you, add a short poem related to their success or achievements to your card. On the other hand, you may also express your thoughts and feelings by writing them your own poem. Since every word came from your heart, they will surely appreciate your simple yet heart warming gift.



Words are magic. When used properly, they have the power to comfort, support, and express your love and appreciation to the person closest to your heart. If you are planning to give a congratulations card for your friend or loved one, you may follow the mentioned creative messages above to share their success and put a big smile on their face.

Regardless of the occasion, a funny greeting card makes a great present. Contact us to place your order.