eCards or electronic greeting cards are all the rage nowadays in email and social media platforms like Facebook. However, they are often regarded as a dull and inauthentic way to greet someone.

We are aware of these kinds of cards— the annoying ones that are often peppered with cheesy clipart and fonts. But what else truly makes eCards a distasteful way to greet your loved ones?

This article lays out all the facts. The goal is to get you to stop sending out these kinds of cards and maybe teach your mum a thing or two about properly greeting others.


  1. Nothing special

eCards are ineffective as they are mere templates to send when you get someone’s birthday notification, and their limited design choices are repetitive. The irony is online connections should be bringing people closer together, but sending out eCards is just like sending out a mass text message without effort to really be personal with someone.

You may be putting in your own extra effort by typing out a personal message on the eCard. However, even this effort is put to waste because you can’t really do anything with it. You read them, and then what—store it in your email folders along with your business emails? eCards can easily get lost among the more personal kinds of gifts.


  1. Not good keepsakes

Apart from their generic designs, eCards are impractical as keepsakes. As previously mentioned, all they are really good for is to be stored and forgotten in a computer folder. If you want to really put in the effort, you may consider either printing it out or saving it on your phone, but these efforts are just irritating to deal with.

Did you know that eCards come in different formats? This means you can’t just easily print them all or even easily view them. That’s right—you have to either search the web for an app just to view it or even buy an extra program.

Additionally, not all eCards are printer-friendly because of the moving animations and pixelated graphics that fall flat on paper. Whatever last-ditch efforts you may have to turn them into keepsakes will be one disappointment after another.


  1. Lost in the spam (because it is)

Just as good greeting cards are meant to be unique keepsakes, they are also supposed to be spam or malware-free. Unfortunately, eCards are often embedded with pesky tracking cookies and email marketing schemes.

For instance, you may receive funny engagement cards from your email, but then later find your spam folder filled with wedding ads or Viagra coupons. It’s the worst!

This is because eCards are also designed by companies that wish to reach particular audiences who are looking for their products or services. This means embedding their trackers into the cards in order to hunt down their email addresses and reach them directly. This is a very popular practice, especially with free electronic Christmas cards that are crawling with malware and e-advertising.

This is also the reason why these cards fall under the spam folder most of the time. Even your own email can detect this garbage from gigabytes away, so be careful when you receive these cards in your email.


Show them you really care!

With all these aforementioned disadvantages to eCards, going the tried-and-tested route with traditional greeting cards is the best way to show your true feelings.

With so many social media posts and emails failing through, sending a real card is more heartfelt and intentional. Plus, greeting card industries have more innovative designs for you to discover, so be bold and send out your love today!

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