Similar to other essential concepts in life, many people can attest to the fact that nothing could possibly be more complicated, long-winded, and difficult than love and marriage. Most of the time, that’s true until a divorce comes in the equation.


The struggle, strife, and perils of divorce, and the difficulties of being a bystander

While the idea of a perfect match is as trivial as can be when you look at love objectively, the truth about any marriage is that no one goes into it expecting a hell on earth.

While it may sound overly-pessimistic to say that a perfect marriage is an illusion, the truth is that no union is exempt from its own set of conflicts. From infidelity and mistrust to money problems and abuse, there are many reasons that marriage can fall in shambles, which is why many of them end up in divorce.

Although you may not be the one experiencing it, it can be quite difficult to watch a perfect relationship fall apart in front of your eyes. If you’ve got a close friend or family member who is going through a divorce, then you’re probably familiar with what we’re talking about.


What can you do to help?

As a bystander to an ongoing divorce, it’s like being at your friend’s house and watching them fight with their parent or watching both mom and dad fight. No matter how much of a good talker you are or how close the pending divorcee is to you, you’re much more likely to feel uncomfortable or cringe when trying to initiate any semblance of comforting. Seeing that it’s such a fragile period and your options are limited, you may feel like you’re in a tight spot.

Fortunately, there’s one way you can best comfort someone going through a divorce without putting yourself in hot water: Divorce cards.


Why you should comfort with cards

Now, we’re not sure if these cards are a stroke of genius or an anti-social approach to comforting, but there’s no denying that they’re a great way to pull a blinder during a tough time. If you aren’t exactly convinced, here is why you should just quiet down, let your friend or family member grieve, and pass them a funny card: they get the message across so you don’t have to stumble on your words when trying to.

Let’s face it, comforting some during a divorce process is like walking through a minefield: except that mines don’t hold lifelong grudges and give you a lifetime of drama if you get something wrong. Instead of finding the words to say and failing miserably to the point of sounding like a satire comedian, divorce cards will find the words for you in a one-and-done fashion that your friend or family member will appreciate.



As difficult as it may be to comfort someone when they go through the entire divorce process, there’s no need to give yourself a harder time than you should because divorce cards can make the whole experience easier!

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