There is a saying, “life without friendship is like the sky without the sun.” Imagine how dark and dull life would be if friendship does not exist in this world.

A true friend is there for you in times of need. When you are feeling down, going through a tough time, or in need of support, your friends will be there to pick you up and be by your side throughout the hardship.

What better way to tell them how much you appreciate them being in your life than by giving them thank you notes? Thank you notes are not only a polite way to express gratitude to someone, but they are also generally a simple way of thanking them for all the smile, fun, support and care you have gotten from being friends with them.

Here are few tips on sample thank you notes that are both considerate and sincere.


Thank you for the gift of friendship

True friends are one of a kind. While friends are worthy of more than just a thank you note, sending them one will make them feel how much they are appreciated.

  • “Thank you for adding great memories and happy times in my life. Being friends with you is something I will cherish till eternity, and no one can break the bond we have. I thank you for being you, and I am forever grateful to have you in my life.”


“Just wanted to say thank you” note

We have so many people in our lives who deserve to be thanked – whether they are from work, school, or in the family. Even if they have not done something special to you personally, they may still deserve to know how their smile always lights up your day.

  • “Here’s a simple thank you for spreading positivity in my life. Thank you for your infectious smile. Seeing your happy face in the morning is enough to keep me going through the whole day.”


Thank you for the gift

No matter how small or big, saying thank you to the person who went their way out to give you a gift (regardless of the occasion) is a great way to tell them that you appreciate the present. Describing how you are going to use the gift will also give them an idea that their gesture is greatly appreciated.

  • “Thank you for that juicer you gave me. I have been thinking of how I could start living a healthy lifestyle, and your gift came just right on time.”
  • “Your gift was awesome! Only a friend like you would give me something like that because you know me that well. I love you!”


Thank you for the support or assistance

Some friends selflessly rise to the occasion when you need help, and they deserve a big appreciation from the bottom of your heart. Remember, when sending out thank you notes, make sure to compliment how special they are and how much much their support was needed.

  • “Our sincere thank you for your support for our latest fundraiser event. Without your time and effort, we would not have been able to help those kids in need. Our fundraiser would not have been a tremendous success without those donations, and the time you have spent volunteering. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you.”

Regardless of how you share and express gratitude, be sincere, and be you. Do not wait for Friendship Day or your friend’s birthday to tell them how much you appreciate them. Every day in true friendship is a day to share and care.

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