Although small but mighty, compact mirrors are an essential item that hygienic and handy people should have on them at all times. These tiny items can be slipped into any bag or shirt pocket, making them one of the most portable essentials all around. You can even keep smaller items in there, like your vitamins, which practically doubles their usefulness!

Whether you want to check on your makeup or just want to make sure your teeth are free from the lunch you just ate, these are handy items that you can take anywhere with you. It’s not just for the makeup obsessed—if you get a little creative, you’ll find plenty of uses for it. Here are four of them:

Birthday celebrations can be a sweet reminder of someone reminding them of their numerous achievements in life. However, the piles of heartfelt messages can become tiresome to receive and write to everyone. Why not think outside the box and surprise something with a short, smart, and humorous greeting instead?


The art of humorous birthday greetings

Sending birthday cards is a staple to any birthday celebrant, whether it’s your family relative or your officemate. This is why you should make an excellent impression on your message, especially if you forgot to buy them a present. Unfortunately, not all of us are gifted with a funny bone that helps us tell jokes almost as easily as we breathe.

If you openly acknowledge your lack of humour, we’re here to help. Here are fifteen one-liners you can use to greet your favourite person on their birthday and make them question whether you actually wrote the message:

So many people nowadays completely forget about important milestones in their lives, like hitting a certain age. For instance, not everyone reaches the golden ages of 80 or 95. Even reaching the age of 30 or 40 should count as milestones and come with big birthday bashes. Milestone birthdays should come back in style, and we can help guide you through it.

This guide is made for planning all kinds of milestone birthdays among your friends and family. We will go through the brainstorming stage first as you take the time to think about the celebrant. Your main goal is to help everyone see it as a worthy tradition among your loved ones.

Birthday parties are fun to plan, but have you ever tried to plan a funny surprise birthday party for a loved one? The planning process is much fun in itself, yet it will undoubtedly take lots of work to put it off successfully! Don’t worry, as all you need is a few ideas and people to help you make it work.

When it comes to funny surprise birthday ideas, you can either pull a prank or make the person do something silly. Just make sure that the celebrant has a good sense of humour, or they might misunderstand your innocent intentions.

In this article, we will share four funny surprise birthday ideas that will give everybody some good laughs:

In today’s digital era, a simple birthday card may seem unpopular and irrelevant. On the celebrant’s special day, you’ll choose to greet your friend, colleague, or loved one on social media instead. To make the day a little bit special, you may consider writing a lengthy post and publish it on the celebrant’s timeline.

Even so, did you know that a personalised birthday card can make a lot of difference? For all you know, this tangible item can stir the celebrant’s sense of touch, and such a heartfelt message can resonate with him or her. Even your time and effort invested on the card can speak of your genuineness and sincerity. That will make the celebrant truly touched and happy.

If you ever think about sending a personalised birthday card, here are four valuable reasons it pays to do so:

In today’s evolving world, most people prefer short and instantaneous messages. Since nearly all communication happens online or through mobile phones, many would rather type out a quick birthday message on their friend or family member’s Facebook wall, or send them a virtual greeting card through SMS or their email. After all, this appears convenient for both the sender and recipient. Greeting people on their birthday, though, involved more steps in the past.

Because the user base on Facebook is vast, it’s become a tradition to type a quick birthday message to those who pop up in your birthday notifications. Sending digital cards is also another popular option, but these two lack a significant ingredient: Personal touch.

How do you show a loved one or a special friend that you remember them on their special day? Send them a real birthday card! It lets them know that you are genuinely thinking of them and that they’re a special person for you.

If you want to try something new this year, follow the following three steps to find the best birthday card for your family or close friend:

Throwing a birthday celebration for an officemate can be a challenging task. You know that some of your co-workers enjoy celebrating with a little food and drink. At the same time, you are aware of how busy some of them can be.

If you are the person assigned to throw a little surprise celebration, do not be discouraged. We have here some ideas to help you make the birthday celebrant feel happy and special. Here’s what you can do:

Is your boss’s birthday coming up? Now’s your chance to get promoted! Jokes aside, you would want to wish him a great birthday, even if he does not play nice with you at times. So, what should you say to your boss? Should you sound sharp and write “happy birthday” in the most professional way possible, or should you go fun and creative, giving him a card that is filled with bunnies and bears? That is up to you.

If you do need help, here are a few things you can write to your boss to wish him a happy birthday:

Beyond the yearly birthday greetings on your best friend’s Facebook wall, sending a card with a handwritten message is a sure-fire way of bringing smiles to any recipient. Personalised letters remain a hallmark of friendship, and there’s a charming appeal to taking the time to pen down your thoughts that lacks in instant messaging. Besides, words sent over online can be lost in the digital sea of endless updates. In that regard, cards are a great way of showing your appreciation beyond the usual birthday or national greetings. If you’re looking to brighten your friend’s day, try looking at these prime card-sending moments and watch your friendship unfold. After all, anytime is a great time to show how much you appreciate your friend.