Turning 18 is a huge milestone and lots of people in the UK go above and beyond when celebrating this birthday. Seeing as transitioning from a teenager to an adult is a big deal, it calls for a birthday card that’s equally as impressive. But when you’re choosing an 18th birthday card, you may be faced with a dilemma; Should you go for a funny card that makes the recipient laugh or choose a sincere one that tugs at their heartstrings? 

Well, if you’re shopping with us, you’ll find a huge variety of birthday cards with hilarious punch lines or slightly rude comments that are guaranteed to make you chuckle. Ordering a funny 18th birthday card from You Said It can help to make this milestone birthday more memorable. Yet, it’s crucial to decide on a tone that’s right for the recipient, so we have explored how you can make this important decision below. 

Does Tone Matter?

In short, yes. The tone of the card you purchase can have more of an impact than you might think. The tone you choose can set the entire mood for the birthday celebration. Pick the wrong tone and you could end up sending a message you didn’t intend. A funny card may come off as insulting or dismissive to someone who values deep emotional connections, while an overly sentimental card might seem out of place for someone who enjoys a bit of banter. 

Know Your Audience

The first step in determining whether to go the funny or sincere route is to consider the personality of the birthday boy or girl;

  • The Comedian – If they’re known for their sense of humour, a funny card may be the best bet. You can almost guarantee they will find it hilarious. 
  • The Sentimentalist – For someone who treasures sentimental items, a heartfelt card could hit the mark. They might keep it for years to come. 
  • The Sarcasm King/Queen – If they’re fond of edgy humour or sarcasm, one of our cheeky or even rude cards could be a winner, making a lasting impression. 

Nature of Your Relationship

Of course, your relationship with the recipient plays a significant role in selecting the tone too. You might not choose the same card for your own child as you would your niece/nephew, or even a friend or colleague.

  • Close Family and Friends – With people you’re close to, you will likely know how they will react to the card they receive. You will probably have more leeway to pick a funny card that aligns with shared experiences and inside jokes too.
  • Acquaintances and Colleagues – In these cases, it’s often safer to go for a neutral card. You may be able to opt for something slightly humorous, as long as it won’t offend them. After all, that’s the last thing you want on their 18th birthday. 

Current Life Circumstances

This can be easy to forget, but it’s key to take into account what the recipient is going through at the time of their birthday. While generally speaking, birthdays are happy times, this isn’t always the case. For example, if they’ve had a challenging year, a sincere card acknowledging their resilience could be more appropriate. On the other hand, humour could serve as a welcome relief. Take into consideration how the recipient is handling whatever they may be facing. 

Why Not Do Both?

Who says you have to choose between funny and sincere? If you’re still on the fence, consider a card that combines both of these things. Perhaps order a card with something funny on the front and add a heartfelt message on the inside. This solution provides the best of both worlds. 

Looking for Funny 18th Birthday Cards?

Deciding between a funny or sincere 18th birthday card shouldn’t be a stressful ordeal. It’s all about choosing the best option for the recipient and you can use what you know about them to your advantage when ordering a card. Whether you opt for humour, sentimentality or a mix of both, the key is to choose a card that they will love and cherish. After all, they only turn 18 once and the right card can help to make it unforgettable. 

If you decide a funny 18th birthday card is the way to go, there is no better website to turn to. Here at You Said It, we have a great selection of funny and rude cards, and there really is something for everyone on our website. We can deliver the card to you so you can handwrite a message inside or we can print a message so you can send it straight to the recipient. We can even make bespoke cards, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for just send us an email to [email protected]

Birthdays are important milestones that need to be celebrated, especially for people we care about. Adding a personalised birthday message to a birthday card for someone can make them feel special and bring them genuine joy.

However, writing the perfect birthday card may not come easy for all of us. If you feel you cannot fit all you wish to say into the small space on a card, you’re not alone. However, don’t drop it altogether because you’re not good at it. Regardless of whether your card is bought or homemade, adding the right words makes a lot of difference.

Before you get to writing, check out these ten tips in writing better, more personal messages on birthday cards:

You’ve spent over 20 minutes in the gift shop looking at cards and trying to figure out which one you should get. You know the person that you want to give the card to, and you’ve spent a lot of time walking up and down the aisles, looking for something to match your friend’s personality.

If you are at a loss at what to write in the greeting card for your friend, read this guide! After reading, you will hopefully know exactly what to write to make your friend’s day!

Grandfathers are special in many people’s lives because they’re a source of love, care, and parental guidance. They’re often there when parents aren’t, and they are a source of so much knowledge and inspiration—something they can only have after years of living in this world.

If your grandfather’s birthday is coming up, it’ll be a nice gesture to do something special to make them feel your love. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, but something meaningful will be best.

So, here are some simple and thoughtful things you can do to celebrate your grandfather’s birthday:

Ah, birthdays! This day may not be globally celebrated together, and businesses don’t close down to allow for a whole-day celebration, but it is just as special as any holiday—for at least one person, that is.


The Joy of Birthdays

Christmases and Hanukkahs are lively and fun to celebrate, but so are birthdays. What makes birthdays just as important as them is that they mark the beginning of someone’s life—somewhere out there, a person is looking back on the life they lived and the future they’ll face.

Birthday cards—the real ones—are so special. So, if you have someone special who’s about to celebrate their birthday, getting them a real birthday card will definitely make them feel valued and appreciated. It’s so easy these days to just greet people online on their birthday, so going the old-school route can make your greeting extra special. There are a lot of birthday cards to choose from, and we will help you find the right one.

Birthdays are special and worth celebrating through extravagant events and gatherings. Besides signifying growth, this special occasion is the perfect opportunity to spend meaningful moments with friends and family. If your loved one’s birthday is coming up, wish them a happy birthday by sending them a welcoming greeting card!

A thoughtful personal greeting will surely be appreciated by the birthday celebrant, even if it is written on a pre-printed card. It expresses how much you care enough to take the time and effort to think of them and make them feel special on their big day.

5 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Birthday Traditions

There are so many ways people handle their birthdays. Some lean towards ignoring them, while others remind almost everyone in their lives about it. Regardless, multiple birthday traditions have been solidified all over the world when celebrating.

Presents and cards are handed to a celebrant at the party, a song that’s cheerfully played before blowing the candles on the cake. Although they may seem like an established tradition now, it was a little more different back then. If you’re interested in learning a couple of facts about birthday traditions, keep on reading:

Birthdays are always special occasions, the perfect time to celebrate someone’s life. It’s the best time of the year to bombard someone with love, well wishes, and even shared humour.

Birthday cards have been ubiquitous in human society for hundreds, even thousands of years. It’s one of the simplest ways to send a greeting to family, friends, or even acquaintances. Even in the digital age, sending or receiving an actual birthday card can be something special and memorable.

There are thousands of birthday cards to choose from. Whether you choose one that’s overly sincere, or something rude or funny, the next step is to write a personal message. This is the point where a lot of people stumble—having an empty square in front of you can be intimidating. You want to steer away from cliché and write something unforgettable, right?

Don’t worry if you find it difficult to think of what to write on a birthday card. It happens to everyone! Read on for a simple guide to writing a personalised birthday message.

Whether you look forward to them or not, birthdays are a part of life. Many people say that as they add another year to their age, they are not actually growing older, but growing wiser. Birthdays celebrate more than age; they are a celebration of life, milestones, achievements, and much more! There is truly a lot to be thankful for during birthdays.

One challenge many people have is trying to find an appropriate gift if someone they care about is turning another year older. Especially for people who have been together for many years, it gets increasingly difficult each year to find the perfect gift. However, most of the time, it is the thought that counts. This being said, how about getting your loved one a funny birthday card?