With Thanksgiving fast approaching, it also means that the holiday season is just around the corner as well. Retailers prepare themselves for their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales to strengthen profits and customer loyalty. However, giving holiday cards to customers and business partners is a simple yet effective strategy that retains your brand to their consciousness.

Here are five ways you can express your thoughts with holiday cards:


Avoid digital cards

It’s easy to send digital holiday cards nowadays that most people often resort to this option. However, this minimizes the personal impact of tangible cards, and they can be regarded as spam when sent via email. Even if postal rates are climbing, go for the unconventional and have traditional holiday cards delivered via postal service. Letting your card sit at their desks for a while will solidify your brand’s imprint on their minds.


Add a personal touch

Go all the way in terms of making the card personal. Don’t print their names onto the card and write them by hand instead. Take a minute or two to convey a short message that is not generic, starting from what you appreciate the most about that person. End the text with a holiday greeting and sign off with your name. This extra effort will make your business partners and customers feel that they matter to you.


An approach to acquire and retain customers

Customers want to do business with companies that offer them value. If you only have a few extra dollars to spend on customer acquisition, you can even add gift cards to your holiday card. Make sure that it’s a gift card that people use almost every day so that they will remember your business every time they use it. If you would like your customers to get some relaxation time, you can slot in gift certificates for free spa sessions. You can also add gift cards for their favourite coffee shop, as well.


Keep the cards generic

You can cater to wider audiences if you keep the cards generic. Prevent yourself from sending cards with religious undertones or mention specific holidays. Likewise, send them holiday cards that exude a positive spirit and don’t go for humour cards because what’s funny for you may be offensive to others. Write a personal message and include a surprise inside to sweeten the gift.


Send them as early as possible

Holiday cards lose their impact if they arrive at the recipient after the holiday season. Likewise, postal companies close for the holidays, which further delay the delivery. It’s possible that the business partner is already on vacation for the holidays and won’t be able to read your card until next year. Therefore, have your cards into the mail by the first week of December to ensure that they will arrive just in time even if the postal service is amidst a busy season.


Where to buy holiday cards

You Said It has a wide array of cards for specific occasions that you can choose from. Their cards are spacious enough for your message of thanksgiving and inspiration in time for the holidays. You can even upgrade your gift by adding mugs, mirrors, and badges.

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