Technology has made it possible to create and deliver greeting cards online. However, while it’s more convenient to send digitized cards through messaging platforms, nothing beats the traditional way of sending tangible cards. This approach is a manifestation that the recipient is worth the effort and that your relationship matters.

Because greeting cards are all about building relationships, it is essential that you send out personalized cards to nurture your business connections. Whether it is for your loyal customers or business partners, the gesture of sending a holiday card alone will persuade them to purchase your products or make more deals with you.

Here are six ways to make your business holiday card stand out:


  1. Use proper words


Keep your message short but celebratory because recipients have less time to read the card. Likewise, render your message with a casual but respectful tone and include holiday-specific words of appreciation.


  1. Include photos and other benefits


Business holiday cards are an excellent platform to share more about your company. Therefore, you can include gift cards or other benefits to continue the engagement beyond the holiday card. Share a photo of your new location as well to motivate them to visit.


  1. Opt for a glossy finish


Your corporate holiday card will stand out if you will use a vibrant card with a glossy coating. If you are printing the cards at the office, make sure that the printed card matches the colours you prefer. Better yet, purchase a glossy holiday-themed card that and fill it up with your message.


  1. Send cards to assistants as well


If you do appreciate the hard work of the bosses, then it’s right to honour those who keep their schedules smooth and their documents organized. Yes, include the executive assistants to your recipients and appreciate their value to the business. This gesture will make them feel that they’re integral to the company’s success.


  1. Mail the cards before Thanksgiving


Christmas season is a busy period for courier services, which makes delays in delivery possible. If you will be sending out the cards late, it’s best to use a generic card rather than a holiday-themed one. You can also send a New Year’s card instead because fewer people do that. However, if you want the cards to be received in time, have them mailed before Thanksgiving to factor possible bottlenecks in the delivery. Regardless of the cards you choose, stay true to your brand’s messaging and personality, and don’t forget to include a logo of your company or product, as well.


  1. Select particular fonts and colours


Every detail of the holiday card must contribute to your company’s positive image. Therefore, you must carefully select the fonts, colours, and messages it carries. Use readable fonts to make your recipients absorb every word clearly and proofread your message to avoid grammatical errors as well. Likewise, make sure that the font of the message matches with your logo.

As for colour and design, you can use a template if you are creating the card from scratch. The card’s dimensions are a significant consideration as well. Though bigger cards with photos attract attention, they are expensive to send. Finally, choose colours that recipients can associate with your brand, which increases brand recall.


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