With everything going on in the world now, writing a sympathy card has become more common than any of us would like. It’s a task that doesn’t get any easier, especially since your loved one is most certainly struggling with grief. Your relative or friend will certainly need all of the support they can get, as their hearts are certainly broken.

At this time, when we’re all encouraged to be socially distant for safety, sending a sympathy card can go a long way. Despite the heartbreak because of grief, there’s definitely a stark difference compared to breakup cards. When you finally find the sympathy card that suits your needs, there’s another dilemma.

There are many ways you can show condolences to a friend or family member who has lost a loved one. However, your way of showing sympathy may turn out differently than what you intended to show. One safe way you can show sympathy is by sending out a card. While this gesture might seem small, it can show the other person that you truly care.

Finding the right sympathy card is one thing, but knowing what to write is another. When writing a sympathy card, it is crucial to be careful with your choice of words. To help you out, here are three ways you can write a well-meaning sympathy card:

During a difficult time like having to deal with losing someone important, nobody wants to go through the period on their own. Sending a sympathy card may seem like a small thing to do, but it could show the recipient that at least somebody cares about them. When you want to show your sympathy and condolences to someone, making your own sympathy card coveys a more genuine feeling than one that you buy from a store. If you have never made a card before, here’s how to make a thoughtful sympathy card that will remind the recipient that they have people who care.