Birthdays are very important to us. They can be celebrated with a nice, quiet meal at home with the family, a night out with colleagues after work, or a rowdy birthday bash with friends. More than anything else, our birthdays won’t be complete without greetings from some special people.

That said, birthday greetings can come in the form of good wishes, gratitude, and hopes for a better life ahead. Greetings are meant to touch a birthday celebrator and make him or her feel blessed, grateful, and genuinely happy on his natal day.

Establishing a rapport and having good interpersonal relationships with your business associates are extremely important. There are many ways to ensure good relationships with business colleagues. You can engage in team building activities away from the confines of your office. You can even invite them out to a nearby coffee house for a chat while you refuel on caffeine. You can even go as far as sending holidays cards during special holiday seasons.

When it comes to anniversaries, there is no clear-cut way to celebrate. Every relationship and every couple are different. Some couples love to go big, with grand gestures and big surprises, while others are happy with a simple anniversary dinner at home.

Things can also get complicated if one wants to go big when the other person wants to go home. Regardless of your personal preference, certain things that are universally applicable. This article will address some of the things that you must keep in mind so that your upcoming anniversary would not end up being a train wreck.

Although we live in a digital age, technology is still unable to replace every single thing in our lives – and it shouldn’t! Sure, sending holiday cards can be done via email now. However, an electronic video of a dancing cat in a Christmas hat doesn’t convey the same feeling as a physical card.

If your purpose of sending holiday cards is to expand your network, it is best to go for a physical card. These cards are able to express more emotional meanings and give off a personal feeling to their recipients. Whether it is for people you met at job interviews or meetings, you need to know how to make a card that is appropriate for them.

Holidays are the best times to give and check up on your family members across the country or even the globe! If you are thinking about what kind of card you want to send to your family members, here are some of our tips to really up your card game!


Add a picture

The best cards are the ones with pictures, of course! Whether it’s of you and your lover, you and your family, friends, or even of your cat, it’ll be a huge hit! It’ll also be a great way to show your grandma how much you’ve grown. Snap a quick picture and slip it into your card after you write your message, sign it, and mail it off!