Now you have an adorable little one in your life, you might be wondering who to choose as their godparents. This is a big decision and it’s about more than just picking people who will look good in the christening photos or buy the coolest birthday presents. You should choose friends who will be there for your child and guide them through life’s ups and downs. Their godparents will become honorary aunts or uncles who are in this for the long haul. 

Once you’ve made this big decision, you need to plan how you’re going to ask your chosen friends to take on this role. There are so many different ways to make a godparent proposal, from the sentimental to the extravagant, and here are a few ideas to consider; 

Write Cards and Letters

No matter how long you’ve been friends with your chosen godparents, putting pen to paper is a lovely way to ask them this important question. You can purchase ‘will you be my godparent’ cards and tell your friends all of the reasons why you chose them to be godparents. A personalised card is a great keepsake too and something that the godparents can show your little one in years to come. 

Give Personalised Gifts

Lots of people will purchase small gifts when asking someone to be a godparent. These gifts can hold sentimental value and will become a constant reminder of the job they’ve been asked to do. Something like a mug or a keyring is functional and timeless, and it’s a simple yet effective way to do a godparent proposal. 

Use a Favourite Movie 

If your friends are obsessed with a particular book or movie, you could create a themed proposal around it. This can add a fun twist to your proposal and make it more personal to the godparents you’ve chosen. 

Record a Video Message

Not all of your closest friends will live nearby and if you’re not able to see a person you’ve chosen to be a godparent in person, creating a video message is a great option. You could even include your little one in the video and get them to ask the all-important question, if they’re old enough. You can send this video to your friend and ask them to film their reaction. 

Incorporate Humour 

If you and your chosen godparents have a similar sense of humour and your relationships revolve around jokes or puns, incorporate something funny into your proposal. A funny card or a jokey gift can make the proposal light-hearted yet memorable and leave you in stitches. 

Create a Memory Box

For friends that you’ve known for a very long time and have lots of amazing memories together, you could create a memory box or scrapbook for them. This is a great option if you’ve known them since childhood and you can include some cute baby photos of yourselves together. Add the question at the end to make this gift extra special. 

Throw a ‘Godparent Proposal Party’

When you want to go all out for your chosen godparents, you can throw them a party. Inviting family and close friends to attend a proposal party is a great excuse for another celebration. You can raise a toast honouring the future godparents and tell everyone why you’ve chosen them to look out for your little one for the rest of their lives. 

Ordering ‘Will You be my Godparent’ Cards in the UK 

You can have so much fun proposing to a godparent and there are lots of different ways you can ask this important question. Whatever you choose, it will be a touching moment in both your life and theirs, and you can enjoy watching their reaction as you ask them to be a godparent. 

If you decide to buy cards for your new godparents, at You Said It we have a range of ‘will you be my godparent’ cards to choose from. In fact, we have cards for any occasion and there is something for every type of friendship on our website. All of our cards are printed on premium quality paper and they have an uncoated inner, so you can handwrite a message to the godparents. If you have any questions about ordering cards in the UK via our website, feel free to read through our FAQ page today. 

Saying goodbye to a colleague can be harder than you think, especially if you’ve worked together for a long time or they’re your work bestie and you rely on them to get through a slow day in the office. However, this goodbye is the start of a new chapter for them and often one that they’re excited about, so it’s an opportunity to say thank you for everything they’ve done for you and wish them all the best on their next adventure. 

One timeless way to say goodbye to a colleague is with a leaving card and there’s such a huge range of cards on the market now. If you won’t be the only person in the office buying a card, you will want to make sure yours stands out from the crowd. Here’s how you can make your work bestie’s leaving card memorable and unique.

Add a Personal Touch

In today’s digital world, it’s always nice to add a personal touch to a card and a handwritten message can be more meaningful than something printed and generic. Writing about a cherished memory or an inside joke that only the two of you understand is a great way to make your leaving card more than just a piece of folded paper. 

Get Others Involved

Group leaving cards are really common in office environments and even if you buy the card yourself, it might be nice to get others to write something inside it. Ask other colleagues you’re close with to write their own short messages and share something personal too. You could even include some group photos of events you’ve enjoyed together over the years. 

Play on Their Interests

Tailoring a colleague’s leaving card to their personal interests is a great way to make it instantly more memorable. For example, if they have a favourite character in a movie, you could include a quote that will make them smile. Use your knowledge of your colleague’s hobbies and interests to your advantage to create a card that they truly love. 

Make it Funny 

If jokes and laughter are what get you and your work bestie through the day, add some humour to their leaving card. There are so many funny and rude leaving cards to choose from, and you can guarantee they will love it. If you want to write something funny inside the card too, here are some ideas to get you started

Add Contact Details

There’s a high chance that you already have your colleague’s personal number if you get on really well. However, if you usually communicate by email or work phone, you could add your contact information to the leaving card. This ensures that your goodbye isn’t final and you can still speak to each other once they’ve left. 

Include a Small Gift 

You can add a thoughtful touch to your colleague’s leaving card by including a gift card to their favourite coffee shop or cafe, for example. You could also give them a mug to take to their new office or a keyring to add to their new work keys. A small present that will remind them of you can make a big impact. 

Purchasing a Leaving Card for a Colleague 

A leaving card should be more than just a piece of paper and there are lots of ways you can make it memorable for all of the right reasons. Whether it’s a heartfelt handwritten note or a funny joke, these gestures can show your work bestie how special they are to you and how much you’re going to miss them. 

When searching for somewhere to buy a leaving card for a colleague, here at You Said It we have so many great options to choose from. We are a small print and design company, specialising in funny cards that will be remembered for years to come. All of our cards are printed in-house and we pride ourselves on their quality. Explore our website today to find the perfect card for absolutely any occasion.