The holidays are fast approaching, and there’s one tradition you should not miss—sending out Christmas cards! There’s nothing better than handwritten notes and quirky greeting cards to make people feel like you remember them, so make sure you don’t miss it this year, especially over the roller-coaster year that most people faced.

Whether you have been sending Christmas cards for years or you just want to try it out, there are a few best practices that can ease out the job for you. In this article, we’ll go through some of the best tips in Christmas card etiquette.

Landing a new job is a momentous event in anyone’s life. Whether it’s your child finally getting their first job or a friend leaving an office they hated for their dream job, it’s certainly something worth celebrating.

That means congratulations cards are in order. You can indeed find good ones on sites like You Said It – funny ones, sarcastic and rude ones, you’ll find them all on You Said It.

But what exactly should you have on your card? If you’ve no clue what to say, let these card messages tell them what’s on your mind:


Sending greeting cards out during the holidays is an age-old tradition. The first batch of such cards was produced commercially way back in 1843 by Englishman Sir Henry Cole. In today’s day and age, despite the rise of e-cards and digital greetings, millions of holiday cards are still mailed globally.

It’s a given that families, loved ones and friends alike are all part of the great exchange. A lesser-known fact is that businesses also take advantage of this in order to give valued customers, investors and vendors a year-end token of gratitude. This is ideal for businesses to refresh themselves, especially when the recipient has not interacted with the business in a while.

Needless to say, it can’t just be any card. Holiday greeting cards have to be able to hit all the right marks. Branding, design and messaging are just as important as creative elements that will help it stand out.

Here’s what you should know about creating wonderful holiday cards to send customers, investors and vendors:

Ah, birthdays! This day may not be globally celebrated together, and businesses don’t close down to allow for a whole-day celebration, but it is just as special as any holiday—for at least one person, that is.


The Joy of Birthdays

Christmases and Hanukkahs are lively and fun to celebrate, but so are birthdays. What makes birthdays just as important as them is that they mark the beginning of someone’s life—somewhere out there, a person is looking back on the life they lived and the future they’ll face.

Building and maintaining healthy working relationships offers a strong support system and a working environment that encourages you to unleash your full potential. Unfortunately, this can sometimes mean saying farewell to a coworker who just got promoted by another company or accepted another job offer.

Sending them a goodbye card is a simple yet thoughtful gesture to show support for your coworker who’s moving onto another career opportunity. It also gives your colleague a keepsake to hold onto. If you have trouble penning down your thoughts, here are some message ideas on what to write on the card:

An anniversary is a celebration of a love that has endured! Whether you are celebrating your own or want to give well-wishes to a couple whose love has stood the test of time, writing an anniversary card is always pleasant. In this time of chaos and ever-changing trends and flavors-of-the-months, writing an anniversary note to someone reminds us that love can last.

Writing an anniversary message will add much more joy and meaning to the celebration. This is why it pays to think about what to say before you write. If you need tips to help you figure out what you would like to say, this blog post will be a guide to making an excellent anniversary message to someone close to you!

Birthday cards—the real ones—are so special. So, if you have someone special who’s about to celebrate their birthday, getting them a real birthday card will definitely make them feel valued and appreciated. It’s so easy these days to just greet people online on their birthday, so going the old-school route can make your greeting extra special. There are a lot of birthday cards to choose from, and we will help you find the right one.

When someone does something for us, we might feel a certain sense of responsibility to express our gratitude thoughtfully. It could be that they just did something small, like help us with a project, showed up for an important event in our life, simply helped us through a difficult. No matter how big or small their act was, it is good to thank them.

But without going over the top or making them feel uncomfortable with something too extravagant or inappropriate, how can you adequately show your gratitude? Of course, most of the time, people find that a simple “Thank you.” is enough. But you can do so much more without going overboard.

Different Ways to Bid Farewell to a Resigned Work Colleague

There’s so much movement of employment in different industries, set abuzz by the pandemic. There are people quitting and moving their jobs to pursue something new or to enter a new company, some are even laid off. You might be surprised when it’s your favourite work colleague who’s finally resigning from your workplace.

It can be a tough pill to swallow when you think about how your coworker, employee or boss is going to leave. Sending out a thoughtful greeting card is one of the best ways to end things and eventually acknowledge their departure from the company.

Birthdays are special and worth celebrating through extravagant events and gatherings. Besides signifying growth, this special occasion is the perfect opportunity to spend meaningful moments with friends and family. If your loved one’s birthday is coming up, wish them a happy birthday by sending them a welcoming greeting card!

A thoughtful personal greeting will surely be appreciated by the birthday celebrant, even if it is written on a pre-printed card. It expresses how much you care enough to take the time and effort to think of them and make them feel special on their big day.